Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enumerated Powers Clause

Enumerated Powers Clause. What is this? To our Congress it is an unknown part of our Constitution. Since 1995 Representative John Shadegg (R–AZ) has introduced a bill in the House to reintroduce this concept of a limitation of federal power through the actual enforcement of the Enumerated Powers Clause. I will also note that Senator Tom Coburn (R–OK) has also recently introduced this same type of bill in the Senate but to no avail. Off topic, what a great Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate these two men would make.
This clause for those who do not know what it is limits federal power, it limits the scope and influence of federal power in all aspects of our lives and society. As such if one examines the health care bills that are being debated, this clause is completely violated and disregarded. We can then see that the creation of 118 new boards, commissions and programs from this health care bill violates the Enumerated Powers Clause and is in direction violation of our constitution. Why then must taxpayers accept this Congressional bill which is in direct violation of our constitution? Congress does not even understand they have created a bill which violates and disrespects the governing law that they need to follow to legislate. I urge our stale, unethical Congress to actually read this provision of our constitution. How can a bill that violates our constitution be allowed to pass?
As I state all the time the elections of 2010 can't happen soon enough. It is time to enforce the Enumerated Powers Clause.

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