Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enumerated Powers Clause

Enumerated Powers Clause. What is this? To our Congress it is an unknown part of our Constitution. Since 1995 Representative John Shadegg (R–AZ) has introduced a bill in the House to reintroduce this concept of a limitation of federal power through the actual enforcement of the Enumerated Powers Clause. I will also note that Senator Tom Coburn (R–OK) has also recently introduced this same type of bill in the Senate but to no avail. Off topic, what a great Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate these two men would make.
This clause for those who do not know what it is limits federal power, it limits the scope and influence of federal power in all aspects of our lives and society. As such if one examines the health care bills that are being debated, this clause is completely violated and disregarded. We can then see that the creation of 118 new boards, commissions and programs from this health care bill violates the Enumerated Powers Clause and is in direction violation of our constitution. Why then must taxpayers accept this Congressional bill which is in direct violation of our constitution? Congress does not even understand they have created a bill which violates and disrespects the governing law that they need to follow to legislate. I urge our stale, unethical Congress to actually read this provision of our constitution. How can a bill that violates our constitution be allowed to pass?
As I state all the time the elections of 2010 can't happen soon enough. It is time to enforce the Enumerated Powers Clause.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let Us Spend Even More Money

Yes, let us spend even more money. We are illiterate when it comes to finance. We want to be entitled so we do not have to work in our lifetimes. Other people need to work not us. We also deserve it. Our interpretation of the United States Constitution says we can have it. So what if we are now $13 trillion dollars in debt. It is not my problem. Who cares about unfunded liabilities? Who really cares if we have jobs, all we care about is pork and earmarks. How much is my vote worth? To me $300 million is not enough! What do you mean we broke away from England over taxation without representation...get use to it sucker. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. And have nothing to show for it either.

Yes let us spend even more money. We are the 2009 United States Congress, the most out of touch with reality Congress ever.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Health Care Fever

Listen to the taxpayers
there is dissension all around.
There is a vote going down
and we disagree with it.

In the bowels of Congress
there are payoffs galore.
If there is a vote to buy
we will pay for it.

And that socialized health care
creeps into all of our lives.
Controlling all of our lives.
When it reaches for our money
giving us higher taxes and poor health.

Then I get health care fever, health care fever.
We know we don't want it.
Gimme that health care fever
We know we don't want it.

Here we have
folks praying that this doesn't pass.
Living with my health care plan
Born free
death as a socialist.

Health care fever, health care fever.
We know we don't want it.
Gimme that health care fever
We know we don't want it.

In the heat of the debate
we all know that this bill is a mess.
We got a horrific Congress.
We got a runaway national debt.
And we see the tide turning in 2010.
We are giving Congress warning.

Health care fever, health care fever.
We know now we all will die
Gimme that health care fever
We know we don't want it.

(You may wish to hum this to the tune of Saturday Night Fever
as the Senate is forcing a vote in one week on a 2000 page bill that they have not read also-Thanks Congress, I hope you find work in 2011.)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unemployment Benefits Will Continue Forever and Ever-Ad Infinitum

I was told tonight by a friend of ours that unemployment benefits have been extended to 93 weeks in Connecticut. 104 weeks makes 2 years thus you can remain on unemployment benefits for 1 year and 9 months and collect $537 a week at the maximum for not working.
Obviously our economy is having a difficult time creating jobs. The falsification of the recent economic stimulus package-jobs created and saved statistics has shown its ineptness. Teaching economics for 27 years now, I never heard of the term "jobs saved" nor understand what is meant by that. One either has a job or does not have a job. People do not have a "saved job". Saved by whom or what? A governmental program bloated with earmarks and pork, that does nothing for the economy except to raise the National Debt? That is how this administration responds to job creation.
What we need to stimulate jobs in our economy is simplistic but not politically popular-lower taxes on businesses and industries, drop all nationalized health care plans, eliminate the pay czar, drop all cap and trade plans, allow the free markets to work on the profit motive and cut governmental spending at all levels (and ultimately pay off the National Debt). Sounds crazy? No 93 weeks of unemployment benefits is crazy and if I was unemployed I would want the private sector to help create a job for me. How about it?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Cost Nationalized Health Care?

I am still wondering what will be the costs of nationalized health care? And who will pay for it? In trying to follow the limited information given by Congress regarding the bill I see that the bulk of this bill will be payed for by those who can least afford it and by yet again raising taxes. In other words, care will be cut for many, a governmental bureaucracy will be created, taxes will become higher again and the national debt will continue to soar. Thus what in economic terms will be the benefits of this new nationalized health care? I truly can not see any. For the new limited amount of individuals who will be covered it would be cheaper for the government to pay for premiums to an insurance company to cover them.
The real economic questions of health care reform were never addressed; health savings accounts, the portability of health insurance plans, tort and medical malpractice reform. They were lost in lobbying.
As I have stated numerous times before, this is a health plan that will make America sick and now make it go broke. 2010 and 2012 can not happen soon enough.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Economic Problems?

What Economic Problems? I can't think of any but unemployment, a massive national debt, a loss of our manufacturing base, disincentives to save and invest, a pay czar dictating to private businesses what salaries can be paid, massive home foreclosures, the stripping of power of the Federal Reserve System, an unethical and economically illiterate Congress and last but not least, two wars which are being fought in Washington by bureaucrats while American military lives are being lost.
What Economic Problems? What solutions? I hear none from Washington except for higher taxes, more governmental spending at all levels, the socialization of our free enterprise and market system, an enemies list and last but not least embracing our enemies and turning our backs on our allies.
As I continue to state 2010 can't come soon enough and for that matter 2012 either.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congress To Taxpayers-Drop Dead. We Will Under Their Health Care Plan.

By taxpayers dropping dead there will be more health care available to those living under the House health care plan that was recently passed and read by very few who actually voted on it. It is a victory for socialism, poor health care service, government run health care, rationing of health care services, massive tax increases and a higher national debt. What is actually good about the bill? In my economic opinion, little if anything. We see tax increases to pay for the rationed care. We see jail terms for those who do not wish to or can afford the health plans being offered or the penalty for not paying for it. We see death panels to help push along those terminally ill to speed up their deaths. And the list goes on and on.
The United States House of Representatives is a legislative body completely out of touch with economic realty nor do they wish to represent those people who elected them by passing this bill.
Tort reform, health savings accounts, well care were all lost in this bill-a bill crafted by socialists whose failed politically philosophies are being rammed down taxpayers throats. 2010 elections can not happen soon enough.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wallingford Voters Vote No and Embrace Republican Majorities

Wallingford voters spoke loudly on Tuesday. They defeated by an overwhelming margin charter revision and placed the Town Council and Board of Education into Republican majority. This election was in my political opinion a strong statement against the policies and tactics of the Wallingford Democratic party and the state party also. It proved that the Wallingford voter would not be intimidated by the bullying of confusing charter revision and a lack of a candidate for mayor by the Democrats.
Good luck again to the Mayor and the new majorities. It is now time to lead Wallingford to greater growth and prosperity for the next two years.