Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Still Do Not Want Socialized Health Care

Nor we do taxpayers understand what any proposal in Congress means to us as even Congress does not understand it either. The speech that said nothing a few nights ago by the President adds only more mistrust and confusion to our country and economy. In my economic opinion, it would be cheaper for the Federal government to pay insurance companies to insure the 30 million, or the 46 million or the 17,000 a day uninsured in our country (depending on what speech, report and or politician who you hear/read about). Government can not develop a health care program without raising taxes, increasing the national debt, rationing care and creating a bureaucracy.
Our elected officials need to hear what taxpayers are saying. We can not afford this socialized health care program you want, we do not want our health insurance to be taken away from us, we do not want new and higher taxes to pay for it, and we do not want to be dictated to by Government about health care. It is not a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.
The most critical issue we are facing in 2009 is the economy. It is laughable watching this administration's ineptness in dealing with the economy and all of its related issues by trying to create failed socialism. We as taxpayers do not want socialized health care-no amount of speeches will change our minds.

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