Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Wallingford Local Election-Vote No For Charter Revision

It is time. Wallingford's local election is starting to heat up. And I find it amazing that the Democrats could not field a candidate for Mayor, even though you hear their chronic complaints against him. But they had enough time to tinker with Charter revision. It is evident that the Democrats need to strip the Mayor of his most important function. A strong Mayor for Wallingford is essential for our town. It eliminates the need and costs of a town manager and it allows for a strong form of government. Charter revision in my opinion comes down to one point, to let a Democratically led town council to only need six votes to override a Mayor's veto not seven as is currently by law.
Why is that? Because obviously the Democrats feel they will hold the Council and hopefully expand to six seats and if charter revision passes they will be in complete control of our government. It is ironic that they have spent years hoping to unseat Bill Dickinson and now want to strip him of his power through a back room maneuver. They did not even allow the Mayor to appoint two people to the Charter Revision Commission as was done in the past. Unbelievable. And then deny that it was not politically motivated.
Wallingford is a wonderful community, strong, vibrant, great schools and low taxes. It has a lot to do with a strong, non egotistical, humble Mayor who runs the town. I know my family and I will vote against Charter Revision and I urge my readers to do so also.

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