Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Speech That Does Not Say Anything New-Still Socialized Health Care

It was the speech that has not said anything new. No new statistics, same old promises, same old rhetoric. No the President's speech introduced nothing new tonight. He still has not answered the basic question of who is going to pay for this and how it is not going to add to the national debt. There is currently no law that was written which actually states what the President supposedly will create in his socialized health insurance plan.
We as a nation are skeptical of a do nothing, corrupt Congress who is advancing against taxpayer's wishes a socialized health care plan. Mr. Obamas speech tonight has done nothing to reassure an overtaxed American public that we will not see higher taxes and more governmental waste from a failed socialized health care plan. Maybe someone in Washington could remember that we are still a free market system and our free market system can resolve this Washington created health care crisis.

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