Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1 and Connnecticut Still Spends Too Much

Yes it is September 1 and Connecticut still spends too much. Way too much. According to a recent state report, http://www.ct.gov/governorrell/lib/governorrell/
Connecticut general budget expenditures have increased by 283.7% since 1987. This figure is vastly more than the rate of inflation. Taxes obviously have gone up just as dramatically also. The graver issue which is lost by the Connecticut Democrat super majority is that income levels have only increased by 172.7% over the same period. Thus state spending has increased by a whopping 111% over state income levels. This is a reason why you have so much long term debt in Connecticut with little ability to create economic growth which is essential for our state's survival.
It is too bad this is all lost by our elected officials who are economically illiterate in my opinion. By continuing to raise state spending to unsustainable levels and to continue to raise taxes to unsustainable levels you have the recipe for economic ruin. Our elected officials in Hartford are doing a great job leading us to economic ruin and helping to move our citizens and businesses to other states.

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