Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out Of Control Spending

Do you spend too much money? Do you have a great deal of debt? Or because of the economic conditions have you and your family cut back in your personal spending and consumption?
Our government has not cut back especially at the Federal and State levels. No spending has increased dramatically, almost to a point of no return with massive borrowing and unfunded liabilities. In my economic opinion, our long term debt created by government has reached a point of no return. How is it going to paid back? And I no longer accept the answer that the debt is owed by our country because it is not. It is owed by many foreign countries and it becomes even more alarming that there is absolutely no long term plan for lessening the debt.
With government at a Federal and State level that has become self serving, non ethical and non law abiding, taxpayers have had enough. The Tea Party movement is the second coming of a revolt against taxation without representation. We have taxation without representation in both Washington and Hartford in 2009.
Government is out of control with its spending. And taxpayers have had enough.

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