Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Again More Nationalized Health Care

Another speech and again we will hear tonight about more nationalized health care. Nationalized health care which will not take effect until 2013. After the next Presidential election. I have to compliment this administration in that they are always thinking ahead. Always thinking ahead of how many campaign promises they have broken and how deeply in debt they can get our government in.
And tonight in the President's speech we will hear promises that will never be delivered, we will hear more debt induced governmental spending, we will hear more socialization of our economy and lastly we will hear more health care rhetoric of no substance.
The real crisis in our economy is not health care. No our health care system saves many lives and is technologically advanced. Our real crisis in 9/09/09 is governmental out of control spending and job losses in our economy. Socialists understand the more smoke screens you feed the public, the more likely your agenda will pass. Socialism will again die in our country beginning in 2010. Hopefully nationalized health care will die a painful death over that time period also.

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