Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Socialized Health Care Still Will Not Work

Socialized health care will still not work. No matter what ridiculously written bills one looks at, I can not see any form of socialized health care working. The simplest plan to help legal citizens obtain health insurance who do not have it is to give them a tax credit for the cost of their insurance. Why is this option so difficult to understand? Why has this administration wasted so much of our tax monies campaigning for their failed plan? What purpose does it actually serve other than force governmental control over our health and contribute to the vastly expanding national debt? Power and control of our lives is the key to the Obama administration.
Socialized health care is a miserable plan. American taxpayers do not want it nor do we wish to insure illegal immigrants in our country. Congress and this administrations' lack of response to those taxpayers who are vehemently against this plan need to be heard once and for all. The 2010 elections will help vote out of office these failed representatives and senators. And then maybe our elected officials can see that the biggest problem we have in our economy is jobs and the lack of them. It is the economy. Trust me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Coming Economic Storm

Out of the alleys of Hartford, the coming economic storm is brewing. Excessive debt, high taxes and non productivity is entrapping Connecticut. It is like a cancer spreading its tumors through all aspects of our society, communities and economy. It is the result of years of excessive and out-of-control spending coupled with high taxes, high workers compensation costs, high transportation costs and a corrupted politcial heirarchy. Its unfunded mandates and high long term debt only continues the waves of the economic storm. We have no captain or leader trying to ride out the storm but just a bunch of egotistical, self promoting and economicaly illiterate politicians swimming further into the storm only to drown in their own neglect.
The coming economic storm is fast approaching. A do-nothing legislature has helped to create and nuture it to its own political adavantage. Connecticut will continue to decline economically until we see actually leadership in Hartford. Can the storm end in November 2010?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Behind The Scenes Raise Your Fees Assembly

Connecticut Democrats never cease to amaze me in their unethical dealings with taxpayers. The latest is the the behind the scenes, behind close doors, 2am raising all of our licenses and fees especially for driving. The Democrats who are obviously clueless to the current negative economic conditions in our state will raise $60 million more in these fees to help continue to fuel their unlimited and unchecked and out-of-control spending. Governor Rell has every right to veto this as she should have vetoed the final budget. I thought everything was finished but Democrats have had to waste more taxpayers monies by calling two special sessions already. They only have a year to get their act together but still can not figure anything out as of 9/25. It is a sham of leadership.
The waste of taxpayers monies will mercifully come to an end when we elect a new Governor and General Assembly in 2010. And hopefully the Democrats will become a minority party here for years to come. They are incompetent to lead.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Connecticut's Dead Economy

For all intents and purposes, Connecticut's economy is dead. It has died a long and painful death, led by the misery created by the long line of liberal Democratic leaders who have heaped tax upon tax, law upon law, rule upon rule on business and industry in our state. State unemployment will take another jolt with Pratt moving a large portion of its operations out of state. They are moving out of state because it is cheaper to do business in many other states in our country. It is no longer profitable to do business in Connecticut with excessive taxes, excessive laws, excessive workers compensation costs and excessive transportation costs. The blame lies directly with the Connecticut Democratic party. Their liberalism has failed our economy miserably and they still do not understand the consequences of their actions. No, they continue to embrace high taxes, excessive laws and regulations and failed social policies. They are the cause of our demise not the business and industry that support these inept and economically illiterate leaders. Eventually the shell that is called our economy will be no more and these Democratic leaders will be forced to pawn their spoils.
Connecticut needs the 88% program. Hopefully in 2010 with a new Governor and an entirely new legislature, they will come in with a budget that sets spending at 88% of current levels and starts to create the change that is so vital to help our economy once again by lowering state spending and taxes. If voters choose these same stale legislators, you might as well put up a for sale sign and move...I know many will especially businesses.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What About The Economy?

Yes, what about the economy? Or better yet how does an economy pay for socialized health care, a failed economic stimulus, a supposed carbon tax cap and trade and other numerous socialistic programs being promoted by the Obama Administration.
I am curious, how are we as an economy going to pay for all of this? It still has yet to be explained to me nor has it been explained by this administration. Yes, what about the economy?
In my economic opinion, we are on the high road to massive national debt for the long term with all of these negative economic programs which are being forced on taxpayers. Can you explain to me in economic terms how socialized health care will create cost savings in our economy? From everything that I have read I still can see no savings just massive amounts of spending. And at the same time we have massive amounts of unemployment which is not going away any time soon with these programs.
Yes, what about the economy? Maybe some elected official could answer that question. Too bad our leaders are deaf to the economy and to the reality of capitalism.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Wallingford Local Election-Vote No For Charter Revision

It is time. Wallingford's local election is starting to heat up. And I find it amazing that the Democrats could not field a candidate for Mayor, even though you hear their chronic complaints against him. But they had enough time to tinker with Charter revision. It is evident that the Democrats need to strip the Mayor of his most important function. A strong Mayor for Wallingford is essential for our town. It eliminates the need and costs of a town manager and it allows for a strong form of government. Charter revision in my opinion comes down to one point, to let a Democratically led town council to only need six votes to override a Mayor's veto not seven as is currently by law.
Why is that? Because obviously the Democrats feel they will hold the Council and hopefully expand to six seats and if charter revision passes they will be in complete control of our government. It is ironic that they have spent years hoping to unseat Bill Dickinson and now want to strip him of his power through a back room maneuver. They did not even allow the Mayor to appoint two people to the Charter Revision Commission as was done in the past. Unbelievable. And then deny that it was not politically motivated.
Wallingford is a wonderful community, strong, vibrant, great schools and low taxes. It has a lot to do with a strong, non egotistical, humble Mayor who runs the town. I know my family and I will vote against Charter Revision and I urge my readers to do so also.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out Of Control Spending

Do you spend too much money? Do you have a great deal of debt? Or because of the economic conditions have you and your family cut back in your personal spending and consumption?
Our government has not cut back especially at the Federal and State levels. No spending has increased dramatically, almost to a point of no return with massive borrowing and unfunded liabilities. In my economic opinion, our long term debt created by government has reached a point of no return. How is it going to paid back? And I no longer accept the answer that the debt is owed by our country because it is not. It is owed by many foreign countries and it becomes even more alarming that there is absolutely no long term plan for lessening the debt.
With government at a Federal and State level that has become self serving, non ethical and non law abiding, taxpayers have had enough. The Tea Party movement is the second coming of a revolt against taxation without representation. We have taxation without representation in both Washington and Hartford in 2009.
Government is out of control with its spending. And taxpayers have had enough.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Still Do Not Want Socialized Health Care

Nor we do taxpayers understand what any proposal in Congress means to us as even Congress does not understand it either. The speech that said nothing a few nights ago by the President adds only more mistrust and confusion to our country and economy. In my economic opinion, it would be cheaper for the Federal government to pay insurance companies to insure the 30 million, or the 46 million or the 17,000 a day uninsured in our country (depending on what speech, report and or politician who you hear/read about). Government can not develop a health care program without raising taxes, increasing the national debt, rationing care and creating a bureaucracy.
Our elected officials need to hear what taxpayers are saying. We can not afford this socialized health care program you want, we do not want our health insurance to be taken away from us, we do not want new and higher taxes to pay for it, and we do not want to be dictated to by Government about health care. It is not a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.
The most critical issue we are facing in 2009 is the economy. It is laughable watching this administration's ineptness in dealing with the economy and all of its related issues by trying to create failed socialism. We as taxpayers do not want socialized health care-no amount of speeches will change our minds.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Speech That Does Not Say Anything New-Still Socialized Health Care

It was the speech that has not said anything new. No new statistics, same old promises, same old rhetoric. No the President's speech introduced nothing new tonight. He still has not answered the basic question of who is going to pay for this and how it is not going to add to the national debt. There is currently no law that was written which actually states what the President supposedly will create in his socialized health insurance plan.
We as a nation are skeptical of a do nothing, corrupt Congress who is advancing against taxpayer's wishes a socialized health care plan. Mr. Obamas speech tonight has done nothing to reassure an overtaxed American public that we will not see higher taxes and more governmental waste from a failed socialized health care plan. Maybe someone in Washington could remember that we are still a free market system and our free market system can resolve this Washington created health care crisis.

Again More Nationalized Health Care

Another speech and again we will hear tonight about more nationalized health care. Nationalized health care which will not take effect until 2013. After the next Presidential election. I have to compliment this administration in that they are always thinking ahead. Always thinking ahead of how many campaign promises they have broken and how deeply in debt they can get our government in.
And tonight in the President's speech we will hear promises that will never be delivered, we will hear more debt induced governmental spending, we will hear more socialization of our economy and lastly we will hear more health care rhetoric of no substance.
The real crisis in our economy is not health care. No our health care system saves many lives and is technologically advanced. Our real crisis in 9/09/09 is governmental out of control spending and job losses in our economy. Socialists understand the more smoke screens you feed the public, the more likely your agenda will pass. Socialism will again die in our country beginning in 2010. Hopefully nationalized health care will die a painful death over that time period also.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Debt

Today is Labor Day. And today we have an enormous amount of debt. Thus our labor for many, many more years and the labor of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and for those who have yet to be born will continue to pay for our country's and state's debt. Because of excessive governmental spending, American's productive labor will be taxed at all time high rates to help fuel this debacle. Government at all levels does not have the ability to live within its means like the American family must. As can be seen by the horrific Connecticut do nothing budget which has massive debt and borrowing along with higher taxes, our labor will continue to become unproductive as it continues to be taxed more. The same can be viewed at the Federal level with a climbing $11 trillion dollar national debt. My question to our elite, economically illeterate politicians is how are we going to pay all of this debt back? At what cost to our economy? And why must you spend so much?
We need fiscal repsonsibility at all levels of government. Politically and economically, 2010 can not happen soon enough.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Please Don't Waste My Taxes Playing Solitaire

Cards are fun, can I play mine while I work? Yes of course you can, we as a super majority can do whatever we please whenever we want...
But then again if your are the Democratic Super majority you can do anything you want such as raise spending another $1.5 billion dollars and raise taxes as high as you want.
Maybe we should start to send playing cards to our state legislators. Maybe we should stop paying taxes to support this mockery of our democracy. I truly am sickened by the now famous photo of what really happens in the Connecticut State Legislature.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1 and Connnecticut Still Spends Too Much

Yes it is September 1 and Connecticut still spends too much. Way too much. According to a recent state report,
Connecticut general budget expenditures have increased by 283.7% since 1987. This figure is vastly more than the rate of inflation. Taxes obviously have gone up just as dramatically also. The graver issue which is lost by the Connecticut Democrat super majority is that income levels have only increased by 172.7% over the same period. Thus state spending has increased by a whopping 111% over state income levels. This is a reason why you have so much long term debt in Connecticut with little ability to create economic growth which is essential for our state's survival.
It is too bad this is all lost by our elected officials who are economically illiterate in my opinion. By continuing to raise state spending to unsustainable levels and to continue to raise taxes to unsustainable levels you have the recipe for economic ruin. Our elected officials in Hartford are doing a great job leading us to economic ruin and helping to move our citizens and businesses to other states.