Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Connecticut Needs A New Government

It is obvious Connecticut needs a new government. Hartford and its leadership is failing miserably in their attempt to govern our state. Taxpayers and businesses are held in total disregard by the Democratic super majority. The Democratic solution to every problem in Hartford is to raise taxes whether or not it further erodes the states economy. Whether or not it forces more people to move out of state or sends businesses out of state. Whether or not it takes into account the massive amount of unfunded pension liabilities it needs to deal with for the future.
It becomes more obvious each day passing of no new budget that the Democratic super majority and in particular Mr. Donovan's public relations gimmicks are ill equipped to govern our state. Their only concern is their self preservation of their political power. Political influence is long gone with the Democratic super majority as more people will move out of state and more businesses abandon a hostile state to try to do business in. I know I have had enough and many others have also. 2010 will be the end of the Democratic super majority in Hartford. They are unfit to govern.

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