Sunday, August 09, 2009

Where Again Are The New Jobs?

I am lost, where are the new jobs in our economy coming from? I am supposed to believe that the recession is ending since only 275,000 lost their jobs last month not 500,000.
Therefore, where are all of the new jobs coming from in our economy? Or more realistically, how many unemployed people are now not collecting unemployment since their new extended benefits have run out? In my estimate there is an unemployment rate of closer to 16% rather than the approximate 9.4% that is being offered by the government.
And how do we create new jobs in our economy to get these people back to work. It is simple, lower taxes on all private businesses, eliminate the tax on dividends, capital gains and interest and place caps on workers compensation costs and benefits. Government through its recent give away stimulus program has done nothing to create new jobs in our economy. The recession is continuing and for those who are unemployed it will be a long, long road to get a job again due to the anti business administrations that are in Washington and Hartford today. The recession continues on and on. Do not be fooled.

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