Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Budget, Not Now, Not Never

It is my budget and I will do what I want with it. Why would anyone think of cutting state spending and actually reduce the budget deficit without raising taxes? After all in your personal budgets if you do have money for something you must either save it or do without. The state Democrats can never do without. There is no need for that as they are above any budget, above any new or greater tax and most importantly above any type of fiscal restraint. Thus our new budget if and when it ever passes will be more of the same; excessively high spending along with excessively high taxes. The final result will again be Connecticut will be one of the last states to get out of the recession, again have an exodus of people and businesses leave the state and have a welfare mentality, Democratic socialist state remaining.
I hope Mr. Donovan and the rest of his leadership are proud of their spoils, their high taxes, their negative business environment and their wasted state they created.

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