Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Health Care Debate Continues

And the current House bills are poor at best and will only make America more sick. Two points which I feel are needed in this debate should be looked at in economic terms. As taxpayers continue to view the excessive amount of federal spending for many "stimulus" program they see the same waste of their monies for a socialized health care plan.
The first area that seems to be lost in this debate is to expand high deductible health insurance so that people who wish to purchase this plan are able to do so. This would provide a safety net for those who just wish to have a basic plan. In conjunction with this there needs to be an expansion not contraction to health savings accounts (HSA). These health savings accounts may provide great incentives for those who wish to manage their health care and will actually lower health care costs for the future due to incentives to stay healthy (although this is misleading as government thrives on collecting sin taxes of all sorts such as tobacco and alcohol).
The second area that needs expansion is the dropping of all boundaries for health insurance companies to sell their plans throughout our country. Health insurance needs to portable. What has been created by governmental bureaucrats is a mess of tangled laws and webs which ultimately hurt the health insurance consumer not help them. These laws need to be repealed immediately. The more competition in health insurance the lower premiums become.
Mr. Obama got it right when he stated that companies like Fed Ex and UPS do a better job than the post office. And he would get it right if he left his socialized health care plan off the table. There are numerous private market solutions to this administrations manufactured crisis which will not bankrupt our country.

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