Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Are You Satisfied With Your Health Insurance? I Am.

I am. I am satisfied with the ability to choose through my employers what type of health care plan that I want. I am satisfied that with what I pay for the plan and the different coverages that I receive. I am also healthy. I prefer taking care of myself and am not dependent upon drugs for my well being. I believe in a healthy life style which will help me maintain my good health. You see I can do all of this without the Federal Government rationing my health care coverage. I can take responsibility for my actions and stay healthy without a governmental, inefficient, bureaucrat dictating to me what coverage I can or can not have. Or whether I should be kept alive or be forced to die according to their plans. Health care is not broken in our society much to the dismay of liberals. These same liberals who exempt themselves from the health care plan they are trying to ram down our throats. The majority of Americans and taxpayers do not want socialized health care. The lies we are being fed are ridiculous. Again say no to nationalized health care. A bad plan at a bad time in our economy.

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