Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Sensible Connecticut Budget

Can there be a sensible Connecticut budget that does not include raising taxes and forcing more business and industry to move out of our state? I do not know the answer to this issue. I do know that taxpayers in Connecticut have had enough of the smoke screens thrown by the super majority Democrats in Hartford. It becomes boring each and every fiscal year to hear the same stale arguments that no spending can be cut, but only taxes can be raised in order to keep up our fiscal irresponsibility as a government.
If anything, the Democrats could have taken a leadership role by atcually cutting spending and cutting taxes in order to stimulate the economy. They choose only to continue to stimulate their political self interest and self gain abiding by no set of ethics or reagrd for the people they supposidly represent. Sadly, we will have a misguided budget with high taxes and misplaced priorities. Another non sensible budget. How boring.

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