Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Say No To Government Run Health Care - Congress Does Not Want It Either

We can all say no to Obamacare, to nationalized, socialized, bureaucratic health care. Congress has already by exempting themselves from it in their bill. So why do we as taxpayers must accept this ill conceived and poor socialistic health care plan? What is the point? This plan will not lower costs, only increase them and increase the national debt. This plan will take away freedom of choice in how you choose both your Doctors and coverage. This plan takes away any element of patient confidentiality as a government czar will have access to your medical records. This plan hinders any type of medical research and medical technology advancements. This plan further increase taxes for anyone who works for a living in our economy. This plan damages businesses by increasing their operating costs to provide health care coverage and will ultimately lead to a loss of jobs. This plan is socialist and goes against everything our country was founded upon.
Yes, we can all say no to this horrible change being forced upon us. Write, call, email your Congressperson today and voice your disgust of this sickening health care plan that they have exempted themselves from.

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