Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Will Jobs Be Created In Our Economy?

I wonder, how will jobs be created in our economy in the future? I wonder what industries will be able to overcome massive governmental intervention in the future and be able to create jobs? I wonder why we have this massive amount of liberal, socialistic intervention in our economy over the past six months and see absolutely no improvement in our economy especially when it comes to jobs?
Economic lies are being spun in my economic opinion. Our federal government can not spend its way out of our current recession nor can it create jobs, nor can monies trickle up in our economy. A wiser economic stimulus package could have been to lower tax rates, eliminate the tax on dividends, interest and capital gains and to really cut governmental spending. In our current recession millions of taxpayers are forced to cut their spending, thus why can not government at all levels cut theirs?
Again I ask the question, how will jobs be created in our economy in the future? They will not be created with excessive taxes, excessive costs for energy, a socialistic health care plan and a $15 trillion dollar national debt. Our current Administration along with our current Congress are truly economically lost except for their own personal financial gain that they are able to manipulate on the backs of taxpayers.

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