Saturday, July 18, 2009

Economic Depression = Nationalized Health Care

Sorry Larry Summers, economic depression equals nationalized health care. You can Google it if you want. I will try it. Keep spinning a $20 trillion dollar national debt that your administration is creating through a failed economic stimulus package. Throw in a massive tax increase during your economic depression to pay for a miserably conceived, irrational, nationalized health care package (in a bill that again will not be read by those in Congress voting on it). You have an economic depression. It is your administration's making due to reckless, out of control spending and tax increases.
Liberals and especially liberal economists just do not understand that by throwing money at everything along with higher taxes does not solve anything economically. It did not solve the FDR depression nor did the LBJ Great Society social welfare spending program solve anything. Three economic programs by this administration, the stimulus that is not working, cap and trade which will raise taxes and benefit Al Gore's new company and a horrific health care program which will ultimately lead to rationing of health care will help us to national economic ruin.
The free markets need to exist in order for our economy to get moving again. Poorly managed companies like GM and AIG needed to go bankrupt and the self correcting mechanisms of capitalism needed to be operating. Lowering taxes will do more to get people back to work than meaningless, taxpayer funded, work programs.
Sorry in my economics text economic depression does equal nationalized health care.

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