Saturday, July 25, 2009

And The Debate Rages On And On

And the debate rages on and on, it never seems to end. What more can government give to its people? How much more in new taxes can we charge taxpayers before they give up working? And the debate rages on and on. It is comical to read about Connecticut's budget debacle. They are no closer to resolving lowering spending along with no new taxes than they were in January. But hey who cares? Certainly not the Democratic super majority. They have other things to worry about, like showing the voting public everything they have done for them. Huh?
Equally comically is the debacle in Washington where we see Chris Dodd everywhere again (I guess the thought of losing his power is freighting to him and his family), a debacle of a health care bill which in my opinion economically will bankrupt our country and last but not least a cap and trade bill which should a boom for Al Gore and his new company.
And the debate rages with a new Congress being elected in 2010 and hopefully actual representation for those who work for a living coming into being again. Hopefully the Dodds, the Schumers, the Franks will all be gone in 2010 and we can see change occur once again. Hope is on the horizon.

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