Friday, June 12, 2009

National Healthcare-Another Economic Nightmare

Well we have another economic nightmare on the horizon. After a stimulus bill which is adding $12 trillion dollars to the national debt and is doing nothing at all to stimulate the economy, we now have socialized health care on the horizon. Why? In economic terms it will fail miserably. The cost of trying to insure everyone in a massive Medicare type program will fail economically. It will also fail in providing health care for individuals. It will ration health care as doctors leave their profession due to lack of payments, insurance companies will opt out of the system due to profitability, and it will also ration health care especially to elderly people. Senior citizens who use most of our health care will definitely be rationed. If an old person has cancer I am sure treatment will be denied them as to preserve that treatment for someone who is younger. Hip and knee replacements for the elderly will be a thing of the past due to the high costs involved. Prescription drugs will limited for older folks also due to economic costs. In my economic opinion, this program will help to increase our national debt to an unsustainable level, in effect further bankrupting our economy and country while helping to ruin our health care system as we know it today. In all aspects it is a poorly thought and ill conceived socialistic dream which will fail upon implementation. I am also confident that those with the correct ties to the government will get better health care than those stuck in this type of system.
Taxpayers should be expressing their disgust with yet another example of a rushed, ill gotten, poorly designed and costly waste of their hard earned tax monies. Just say no to this type of change which has no hope for our economy, socialized health care.


Anonymous said...

Yes, our health care crisis is also our an economic nightmare – and as we dither and delay, the situation is only getting worse.

We pay more for health care per person than any other nation in the world. Yet, according to the US Census, one-sixth of the US population - nearly 50 million men, women and children - have no health coverage whatsoever. More than 325,000 of those Americans live here in Connecticut - enough people to fill UCONN basketball’s Gampel Pavilion more than thirty times.

Most of us WITH insurance are only a lay-off away from losing our coverage and our health care. And if we have a pre-existing condition, we may never be offered health insurance again.

A major overhaul of our rapidly failing health care system is in order. Part of that overhaul logically should involve a public plan that puts our health and our children’s health before insurance industry profits (which remain strong, despite the recession. Aetna’s CEO makes $4 million a year with $10 million in stock options). In America, we help ourselves AND we help each other.

Yes, rationing of health care is wrong. Imagine if, when food was rationed during WW2, one-sixth of all Americans were told “Sorry, you don’t even GET a ration card.” That’s how it is with health care today. For one-sixth of us, no card, no health care at all. That's un-American.

Millions of other Americans can only afford insurance so inadeqate that entire treatments are “rationed” right out of their lives. No coverage for pre-existing conditions. No mental health coverage. No coverage if you’ve exceeded your annual dollar limit.

These people don’t have to wait in short lines OR long lines to get the care they need. There ARE no lines for them. There IS no treatment.

Yes, rationing is wrong.

And yes again, we don’t want bureaucrats coming between us and our doctors and the treatments we need. The massive insurance industry bureaucracies with their thousands of claims-deniers who override our doctor’s orders have no place in a free society. We must be free to choose the treatment and care that we need to get healthy!

If the private insurance companies can’t offer us quality, affordable health care, then what is their value? Their ill-gotten, poorly designed, costly and wasteful “health care plans” offer us less for more every day. They deny us care, make us sicker, and drive us into medical debt and personal bankruptcy.

Yes, without reform now, we will have an ongoing medical and economic nightmare.

So let’s stop the partisan bickering and name-calling. We’re sick and tired of it. We all deserve health care AND economic security. Together, we can work for a truly AMERICAN solution that gives us both.

Bob Swick said...

No I do not believe the situation will get worse and no I will not put aside partisan differences. The nationalization of our health care plan is an economic nightmare which will ration health care and probably increase our national debt by another $12 trillion dollars. I still believe in a free market system for health care. Look at the Safeway example as a template.