Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Do We Legislate?

How do we develop and pass laws in Washington? How are we as taxpayers able to see what we are paying for? How does legislation have value when those who are voting for it, do not even read the law in its entirety? Why does this pass as good government or government by the people? Why do we as taxpayers tolerate this nonsense?
Just look at the stimulus bill, nationalized health care plan and the supposed global warming bill. These three laws will in essence bankrupt our country economically. And all three bills were never read by most of the elected officials who voted on them. Why? Why did they pass? What is the value to our economy?
The United States Congress has become a non productive, wasteful, unethical and totalitarian governing body. It passes laws which they exempt themselves from. They cater to lobbying groups and their monies thrown at them to buy their votes. They can not and do not legislate any more.

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