Wednesday, June 24, 2009

High Taxes = Connecticut's Democrats Solution

High taxes are traditionally Connecticut's Democrats solution to any any type of budgetary problem. Along with increased spending and with the typical public relations theme of how cuts in the budget hurt everyone (except for the remaining taxpayers in the state who have to continue to pay for the higher taxes)we hear the same stale arguments. First, higher spending and increased taxes have done nothing to improve our living conditions in our state. If anything both our standard of living and quality of life continues to erode in our state. Secondly, higher taxes especially on businesses will continue to force businesses to move out of state, since the costs of workers compensation, transportation, local taxes and insurances are excessively high in our state. Lastly, state government has become a tool of the well connected without regard to any rules or laws which govern the rest of us. Examples include the state Marshall system, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Gaffey and Mr. Crisco. None of these three men deserve either their paid political office or their taxpayer financed pensions for their corruption.
Thus July 1 is coming, and all the Democrats in Connecticut can think about is raising taxes higher. What a lack of leadership. What rhetoric. What a waste of a state.

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