Friday, June 26, 2009

The Delusions of the Democrat State Senate Budget

Delusions of grandeur. That is what the 24th hour, no one can read it, nor could afford it, Connecticut Democrat Senate budget is. Again thinking out of the box supposedly, Connecticut Senate Democrats can't wait to make the income tax even more of a progressive tax to penalize those taxpayers who wish to work hard and be successful. Higher taxes on those who are successful can continue to support the Democratic dependent welfare state, that is encouraged by these out of touch with economic reality liberals, who rule our state. Higher income taxes will continue to drive more successful businesses and individuals out of our state, furthering the excessive tax burden that others must pay.
There is a simple solution to the budget crisis which was created by Connecticut Democrats. Cut spending once and for all. We in the private sector must do it. We as a family must do it. And now it is time for the state to do it. Yes, delusions of grandeur coupled with political ineptness, that is the state budget.

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