Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Budget=Runaway Taxes=More People Moving Out Of Connecticut

Higher taxes will drive more businesses and individuals out of Connecticut. And to the Democratic party of Connecticut that is great. It is great because what it leaves in our state is those totally dependent upon the Democratic party of Connecticut. It leaves those people who feel welfare is a given right and should be passed on from generation upon generation. It leaves those who are in our state illegally to enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and free medical care. It leaves the political infrastructure of these same Democrats who hold themselves above the law, like the Dodds, the Gaffeys, the Criscos and the Donovans.
Thus higher taxes economically will help drive more businesses and individuals out of our state. No programs can ever be cut, nor can any programs be reviewed and sought out for more economic efficiencies.
I really thought it was pathetic seeing Mr. Donovan claiming in his recent public relations trip all of the harm proposed budget cuts will do for Meriden. But it is perfectly acceptable that he hires a mouthpiece for over $150,000 a year. Yes, politically that is acceptable since state Democrats have no sense of right or wrong, just political self interest and ego.
Go ahead and raise taxes. Maybe it is time that the remaining taxpayers stop paying those taxes and stop supporting their political lawlessness.

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