Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Do We Legislate?

How do we develop and pass laws in Washington? How are we as taxpayers able to see what we are paying for? How does legislation have value when those who are voting for it, do not even read the law in its entirety? Why does this pass as good government or government by the people? Why do we as taxpayers tolerate this nonsense?
Just look at the stimulus bill, nationalized health care plan and the supposed global warming bill. These three laws will in essence bankrupt our country economically. And all three bills were never read by most of the elected officials who voted on them. Why? Why did they pass? What is the value to our economy?
The United States Congress has become a non productive, wasteful, unethical and totalitarian governing body. It passes laws which they exempt themselves from. They cater to lobbying groups and their monies thrown at them to buy their votes. They can not and do not legislate any more.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Delusions of the Democrat State Senate Budget

Delusions of grandeur. That is what the 24th hour, no one can read it, nor could afford it, Connecticut Democrat Senate budget is. Again thinking out of the box supposedly, Connecticut Senate Democrats can't wait to make the income tax even more of a progressive tax to penalize those taxpayers who wish to work hard and be successful. Higher taxes on those who are successful can continue to support the Democratic dependent welfare state, that is encouraged by these out of touch with economic reality liberals, who rule our state. Higher income taxes will continue to drive more successful businesses and individuals out of our state, furthering the excessive tax burden that others must pay.
There is a simple solution to the budget crisis which was created by Connecticut Democrats. Cut spending once and for all. We in the private sector must do it. We as a family must do it. And now it is time for the state to do it. Yes, delusions of grandeur coupled with political ineptness, that is the state budget.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

High Taxes = Connecticut's Democrats Solution

High taxes are traditionally Connecticut's Democrats solution to any any type of budgetary problem. Along with increased spending and with the typical public relations theme of how cuts in the budget hurt everyone (except for the remaining taxpayers in the state who have to continue to pay for the higher taxes)we hear the same stale arguments. First, higher spending and increased taxes have done nothing to improve our living conditions in our state. If anything both our standard of living and quality of life continues to erode in our state. Secondly, higher taxes especially on businesses will continue to force businesses to move out of state, since the costs of workers compensation, transportation, local taxes and insurances are excessively high in our state. Lastly, state government has become a tool of the well connected without regard to any rules or laws which govern the rest of us. Examples include the state Marshall system, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Gaffey and Mr. Crisco. None of these three men deserve either their paid political office or their taxpayer financed pensions for their corruption.
Thus July 1 is coming, and all the Democrats in Connecticut can think about is raising taxes higher. What a lack of leadership. What rhetoric. What a waste of a state.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Freedom Will Come To Many Countries

Freedom will eventually come to Iran. As it came to many former communist states, it will come to many other non free countries such as Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Burma and North Korea. Freedom will come due to the overriding humanitarian view that no man has the right to control another man. The elitist dictators that rule these countries will eventually fail and freedom will reign. They can only support their military for so long and can only strip basic economic rights from the people they rule for so long. Whether it is a year or 30, these countries will eventually be free. What we are seeing in Iran with or without the support of the United States shows that their 12th century view of the world is failing and that freedom will be the overriding view for the country. Freedom in which many lives will be lost so as others may enjoy it.

This concept of freedom for whatever reason is lost upon the simplistic liberal view of many in our country today. Liberals for whatever reason hate freedom and its responsibilities, its challenges and its role in the world. Iran will become free. And those other countries that I have mentioned will also become free. Those who have died and are willing to die for that freedom will make sure it happens.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Budget=Runaway Taxes=More People Moving Out Of Connecticut

Higher taxes will drive more businesses and individuals out of Connecticut. And to the Democratic party of Connecticut that is great. It is great because what it leaves in our state is those totally dependent upon the Democratic party of Connecticut. It leaves those people who feel welfare is a given right and should be passed on from generation upon generation. It leaves those who are in our state illegally to enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and free medical care. It leaves the political infrastructure of these same Democrats who hold themselves above the law, like the Dodds, the Gaffeys, the Criscos and the Donovans.
Thus higher taxes economically will help drive more businesses and individuals out of our state. No programs can ever be cut, nor can any programs be reviewed and sought out for more economic efficiencies.
I really thought it was pathetic seeing Mr. Donovan claiming in his recent public relations trip all of the harm proposed budget cuts will do for Meriden. But it is perfectly acceptable that he hires a mouthpiece for over $150,000 a year. Yes, politically that is acceptable since state Democrats have no sense of right or wrong, just political self interest and ego.
Go ahead and raise taxes. Maybe it is time that the remaining taxpayers stop paying those taxes and stop supporting their political lawlessness.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The New Honest Chris Dodd

Honesty is the best policy. And now we see a new come clean, come on I deserve to reelected by a landslide Chris Dodd. Our new and improved honest Senator has disclosed that his deal in Ireland has increased in value-what made it increase in the worse world wide real estate downturn is any one's guess. But that is what makes our new and now honest Senator so great. Even though we still do not have any more information about his sweetheart deals with Countywide mortgage, even though he helped pass the bill to bail them out and even though he was responsible for the financial debacle we are experiencing as head of the Senate Banking committee, he deserves our vote. None of that matters, because in his own mind and in his public relations efforts, we know he is a honest man. We will know all the great things he has done to increase our taxes, raise our interest rates, promote himself and his wife through her sweetheart Board of Directors jobs and help create our financial crisis during his reelection campaign.
Dodd's reward should be his resignation from office immediately for all of his lies. But taxpayers will have to listen for the next year and a half about our "honest" Senator.

Friday, June 12, 2009

National Healthcare-Another Economic Nightmare

Well we have another economic nightmare on the horizon. After a stimulus bill which is adding $12 trillion dollars to the national debt and is doing nothing at all to stimulate the economy, we now have socialized health care on the horizon. Why? In economic terms it will fail miserably. The cost of trying to insure everyone in a massive Medicare type program will fail economically. It will also fail in providing health care for individuals. It will ration health care as doctors leave their profession due to lack of payments, insurance companies will opt out of the system due to profitability, and it will also ration health care especially to elderly people. Senior citizens who use most of our health care will definitely be rationed. If an old person has cancer I am sure treatment will be denied them as to preserve that treatment for someone who is younger. Hip and knee replacements for the elderly will be a thing of the past due to the high costs involved. Prescription drugs will limited for older folks also due to economic costs. In my economic opinion, this program will help to increase our national debt to an unsustainable level, in effect further bankrupting our economy and country while helping to ruin our health care system as we know it today. In all aspects it is a poorly thought and ill conceived socialistic dream which will fail upon implementation. I am also confident that those with the correct ties to the government will get better health care than those stuck in this type of system.
Taxpayers should be expressing their disgust with yet another example of a rushed, ill gotten, poorly designed and costly waste of their hard earned tax monies. Just say no to this type of change which has no hope for our economy, socialized health care.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Illogical Economic Programs

We have on a national level a group of illogical economic programs which are being shoved on our economy which are creating havoc in our economy. The government's irrational trickle up economic stimulus plan is failing miserably. The Obama Administration stress to pass at any cost its first economic stimulus package at roughly a $12 trillion dollar long term debt cost to our economy has proven to be fatal to our economy. Unemployment continues to go up, our long term national debt continues to go up and lastly there continues to be a great lack of consumer confidence in our economy. Taking all three into consideration, Mr. Obama depending on the speech and the time will state that things are turning around and or like today things are really bad. I guess for effect and for drama the economic manipulations by this administration is showing taxpayers how little they know about the economy and how little impact the additional $12 trillion dollars in debt is having supposedly turning our economy around. In simplistic terms we have a created a great deal of national debt and have little to show for it. Thus after almost six months of blaming former President Bush, we can now fully blame this administration for its blatant mishandling of the economy. It has failed completely and it will take years to undo this economic mess.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What Budget? What Do You Mean We Need A Budget?

How pathetic. No budget. The Connecticut Democratic super majority has to now waste more taxpayers monies by calling a special session to try to figure out a budget. I mean they only had four plus months to try to develop a budget which is critical for our state's economy. Then they blame Governor Rell who actually has presented two alternatives to them. But no they can't do it. The Democratic super majority really can't do anything in Hartford. They are powerless, preoccupied with their special interest and pet projects and corrupt members who make a mockery of Connecticut's government. Preoccupied with trivial and meaningless laws and rules eliminating our personal freedoms under the guise of good government. Their form of government is a mockery to the taxpayers of our state who must support their failures. Their failure has been no leadership and to do what is best for the taxpayers of Connecticut. No, the Connecticut Democratic super majority is a useless exercise in self promotion and self interest void of ethics. Haven't you had enough of your tax monies wasted in this manner to support this sham? The Democrats have failed miserably governing Connecticut.
How pathetic. No budget.