Monday, May 11, 2009

The Dodd Debacle Continues

Another day that the Dodd debacle continues. Does Chris Dodd actually think we believe anything he says anymore? Does he really have any credibility anymore to serve as a Senator? I had to laugh at his vain attempt to spin his wife's qualifications in his article in the Sunday 5/10/09 Hartford Courant. Does he believe that the people of Connecticut buy into his chronological "facts" that his wife is qualified for all of her high paying board jobs? Does he think that his wife was not able to to use her political influence to obtain the jobs? Of course she was. She has little if any qualifications other than being Chris Dodds wife and as such was entitled to the $500,000 worth of income she supposedly works for.
In a blinded sense Chris Dodd and his wife live in a fantasy world, where laws and rules do not apply to them nor does any ethics or credibility apply to them either. They have the abilities through their power to rape and pillage taxpayers under the guise of representing their constituents. They are most importantly above the law. I am confident that the intelligent voting public of Connecticut will turn out in record numbers in November 2010 and vote this disgrace of a Senator out of office. It can not happen soon enough.

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