Sunday, May 31, 2009

Connecticut Legislative Democrats Follow No Law

To me it is true that Connecticut Legislative Democrats have no need to follow any type of law in our state. Laws no longer apply to them. The new slap on the wrist on Senator Crisco for what amounts to forging checks is laughable. Trust me if a private citizen did this, they would be arrested, because surprise it is against the law to forge a check. Whether it is the countless Gaffey illegal doings or now an actual forger, the Connecticut Democrats have once again proven that they are above any law in this state. And the silence from the Attorney Generals office is quite deafening at the same time. Maybe it is time that taxpayers call in Federal intervention to these illegal doings.
We as taxpayers must realize that we have in Hartford a horrific and unethical Democratically controlled Legislature that really needs to be stopped once and for all. They are so out of touch with any reality whether it is the lack of a death penalty to socialized health care, or the ripping of the constitutional power of the Governor's office to appoint a Senator(I am hopeful that Dodd is now being forced out and that is why they came up with the bill).
Governor Rell needs to veto many bills coming up and the remaining Republicans need to filibuster any attempt to override these vetoes. Voters and taxpayers really need to vote these people out of office in 2010. Enough is enough.

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