Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pirates = Terrorists, Hostages = Weak Leadership

Take your pick, a pirate is the same as a terrorist. Money is involved in both examples, the Somalian pirates enjoy their brand of shake down terrorism by extorting ransom monies from their captors. How much for a United States ship captain? One million, maybe two million? What is the price for human life, especially for someone from our country? And why the diplomacy involved? These pirates are the same as terrorists and should be treated as such. Our military should be eliminating these terrorist pirates from the seas so that law abiding ships can pass through the waters. Obviously the Somalian terrorist pirates are accepted and enjoyed by the rogue Somalian government. And to this current administration it is a distraction to the countless and endless pursuit of economic stimulus which is just not happening with the recent pork bill that passed. Distractions do not occur to the Obama Administration. I guess this situation is not real? Why haven't we used our military power to free a United States citizen? What happened? We have lost our ability to lead in scant few months? This reminds me of the Iranian hostage situation when President Carter did not have the guts to resolve it militarily. History does repeat itself with a weak American leader. We can only pray for the safety and lives of the thousands of new hostages which will be taken over the next four years.

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