Monday, April 06, 2009

North Korea's Nuke Launch-What Response?

So what was America's response? Run to the United Nations and hear what, see what and explain what? I think the bigger question that Americans need to ask from this administration is why was this missile allowed to take off in the first place? Why was it not intercepted by our intelligence agencies? We now have a rogue nation which is fast becoming a major threat to our country and all our President is concerned with is granting concessions to Russia with regards to the missile shield we should be building in Poland. Why has this become American policy is just three short months, bowing to your enemies and alienating your friends? Where will this get our country? Back to a new cold war? For what reason, because of the lack of experience this administration has in all aspects of foreign policy? There are many questions that need to be answered quickly by our country. The campaign is long over, maybe this administration needs to start showing some leadership against the new threats it has help to create on a global scale.

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