Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Revolution

The economic seeds of discontent have been sown and the result is a new movement to take back our government at all levels, federal, state and local. The April 15th Tea Parties represent our nation's future. Common citizens of all walks of life, Republican and Democrat, Independent and non political are fed up with economic policies which will ultimately lead our country to ruin. We are fed with a $11 trillion dollar national debt and a debt which is owned by foreign countries. We are fed up with nationalization and socialization of our economy. We are fed up with taxation without representation. We are fed up with special interest groups dictating what legislation passes and what we as taxpayers can and can not have. We are fed up with government trying to control every aspect of our lives with the ultimate result being a continuing decline in our quality of life. Liberals and socialists in our government are fearful of the Tea Party movement for it represents the new dawning of politics. Politicians are self serving, non ethical and ruthless in their supposed representation of the common citizens of our economy. The time has come for real change, the Tea Party movement will now go forward and facilitate it.

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