Thursday, April 30, 2009

101 Long Economic Days

It has been 101 long economic days. In the past 101 days of this new Obama administration we have seen economic free market systems being torn apart and ill advised governmental spending being celebrated. It has been 101 long economic days when we see an increase in the national debt of over $6.5 trillion dollars with absolutely no long term plan to start paying this debt. A debt which will grow from its current $11.2 trillion level to upwards of $20 trillion by the time this administration leaves office in 2012. Nothing is left to any economic logic nor understanding of economic consequence for these actions. The long term implications of our excessive Federal spending is simplistic, bankruptcy. The Democratically controlled Congress is only concerned with their own self serving interest which will drain the economic vibrancy of our country to the point of no return. Our current national debt will be a cancer that can never be cured for our economy. 2010 can not happen soon enough.

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