Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why Is Capitalism Bad?

Why is Capitalism bad? Can someone explain that to me? Why is it bad to invest in businesses in our country who in turn manufacture, produce and service products and goods for our economy? Why is it bad for these same businesses to create jobs for our economy which in turn help create a prosperous economic business cycle? Why is it bad to have an unyielding optimism about the American worker-most who work hard and are very productive for our economy? Why is wealth bad in our economy? Why is it bad for those who take risks in our economy to keep most of what they earn? Why does our economy give incentives for those people who are lazy and do not wish to work? Why do they have to be supported by those who do work hard? Why does government feel they that they can run our economy better, given all of the scandals, illegal dealings and immoral conduct they exhibit in both the White House and in Congress? Why do Congressional Democrats, many who are multi millionaires, have such a hatred of an economic system that they have benefited from? Why are the talking heads in the 24/7 media glorified for their obvious lack of economic knowledge and their complete bias in reporting what is actually going on? Capitalism through its natural means will get us out of this recession. Hoover/FDR/Obama economics will not. This is a fact which will once again be shown by the free market system.


Yanks01 said...


I couldn't agree more that additiona government control through "shovel ready" jobs (see the Fox report last week on 20 people with shovels maintaining hiking trails in CA) isn't going to save this country.

Here's how NOT to save our currency or country:

2+ trillion of unmanaged, un-auditied, un-controlled trillions of spending.

It's not President Obama or his staff of snappy punks like Gibbs ,with derogitaory comments about former office holders, or republiicans. A reset button to Russia or a DVD box set to the British, maybe our best friends in the world). And, it's not a war of words with radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh. This administration is so JV.

What will save this country?

It's managing expenses, slowing the growth of goverment, monetary discipline, underwriting loans with rigor, harder credit card acceptance, adjust mark-to-market accounting (long term investments are just that long term), reinstating seperation of banks from investment houses (Glass-Stegall). If governmenment wants to get involved, fund innovation and let private industry move that technology (with the exception of the military).

I personally think banks should be banks (bring back 3-6-3), keep banking simple. Investment houses can get unruley with their practices.

Chris said...

It's bad when you capitalize on the poor by paying them too little to survive or progress so that you the business owner can increase the gap between you and your employees. Capitalism brings a separation of the classes, a separation of the people and an uncaring attitude toward your fellow man. Instead of working together to help the whole, we are conditioned to climb that ladder to wealth by stepping on the heads of our fellow man, stealing the ideas of others, creating weakness in the minds of our fellow man through advertising and psychology thus creating need where there should be none and then exploiting that to make profit.
This is the true face of capitalism.
Break your brother's back to make a buck and sell him back that tractor you stole from him last week.
We now have a culture that instead of helping our poor, they isolate and ignore them while the rich donate large sums to foreign countries just to get a tax write-off and then spend more money to advertise what a good person they are for donating to suck and suck a cause to increase their popularity or distract from the fact that they are outsourcing to third world countries who have no unions or wage laws.
These gluttonous, bloodsucking capitalists are quite probably causing the very problems in those foreign countries that they donate to for a tax break and bragging rights.

Bob Swick said...

Your liberalism is comical, you got your socialistic President who will unfortunatelty break your back rather than mine. Since it is also obvious you never took an economics class, capitalism creates wealth, sort of like when President Obama signed a $500,000 advance for his book. Liberalism has help to create more poor people in our economy than capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you're right, Bob! Capitalism is *clearly* the best economic system for our country. Who cares if private businesses keep getting richer while thousands of American's remain dirt poor? What do the CEO's of private medical insurance corporations care if thousands aren't insured, as long as they get outrageous bonuses and can still afford to drive their rolls royce's? Seems like everything is peachy here in the USA. Yay Capitalism!

(excuse the sarcasm)

MrJoe1111 said...

Thank you Bob for restoring some confidence in teachers. For those Capitalism haters let me simplify things: Capitalism is the creation of value, period. For example, "Hey Bob, I'll give you $60 for that broken down mower of yours". He says yes because the mower no longer works and he has to pay someone to fix it. Bingo, $60 for some worthless thing taking up space in his garage. I however, get a tool which only required about $30 in parts plus my mechanical skills to take my Sat mornings from 4 hours of labor to only one hour of labor. Bingo, valuable time. If Bob's mower is brand new he will say no. If Bob
wants $200 for a real POS, then I will say no. WE BOTH must make the deal because we BOTH want to gain. What?!?!? How can BOTH Bob and I gain value?!?!? Capitalism. Do not make the MISTAKE of believing fraud is Capitalism or theft is Capitalism. Fraud is fraud and theft is theft. Are there bad people? Yes. Are there bad companies? Yes. Do NOT do business with them. It is upon YOU to decide who you do business with and how you do business. The MORE people act IN THEIR OWN INTEREST the more good companies there are and the less bad companies there are. Thus all of us benefit. It is MUCH harder to not do business with a bad Government. It's all about the deal or trade. When you buy groceries you make a trade. When you buy a house you make a trade. When you get a job you make a trade. If you don't like the deal don't make the trade. If you can't get the deal you want, find or create more value. You complain about the poor because they can't get a good job? They can use their mind, learn, add skill and make a better deal. That is EXACTLY what made America the richest country in the history of the world. No King, no big Government, no (or very little)
interference in each man making a deal with the next. The Capitalist creation of value over and over and over, building on top over and over turned millions
into billions into trillions.