Friday, March 13, 2009

The Private Sector Will Always Stimulate The Economy

The private sector will always stimulate the economy. As hard as politicians try to put a twist on the economy today, there is no such thing as a governmental trickle down effect from this current pork ridden economic stimulus bill. The money that the Obama Administration is using is borrowed taxpayer's monies. And it is being borrowed from people who are not even born yet. It is being borrowed from the open markets which will ultimately lead to higher interest rates and higher inflation rates. Thus in in a few short months we will probably see much higher interest rates and much higher inflation. Therefore the question must be asked that if homeowners who are facing foreclosure today - how will they be any better off when interest rates start to go up again and the actual cost of living is much higher due to inflation? It is a question ignored by the Democratically led Congress and by the media. Guess what, those who can't afford their mortgages today and will still not be able to afford them in the future. The private sector needs to clear out the toxic debt, the bad mortgages, the businesses which can no longer make a profit. Then and only then will our economy get back on the right track. This current administration truly does not understand nor does it care to understand the massive economic mistakes it is making by these pork laden spending bills. 2010 is coming, can the private sector wait that long for change?

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