Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Come On Let's Jump On The Democrat Tax Train!

Come on taxpayers of Connecticut lets jump on the Democratic tax train in Hartford.
Taxpayers throughout our state let's get on board.
Higher taxes will solve everything here in Connecticut and hopefully bring us back to being a #1 taxed state in our country.
Recession, depression, you are dreaming if you think you can't pay more in taxes.
How about .05 cents more on your heating oil - what do you mean you are cold?
What do you mean your income levels have dropped? We will just raise your income taxes even more to help our state spend more for the special interest groups who run it.
What do you mean that you that earn $132501 a year? We will tax you more so that you really pay your fair share. You wealthy people need to work harder to help support those who do not wish to work and for state legislators to spend even more.
Come on let's jump on the Connecticut Democratic tax train! And let's take the next train and move out of this state!

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