Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Problems of Chris Dodd Never Cease

Do you think Chris Dodd could survive one day working for a private company? With all of the baggage that he has at this time, why would anyone want to hire him? Why do taxpayers have to still put up with him? Why does he even consider running for re election with all of the twists, turns, lies and deceptions he has forced upon Connecticut residents for the past six years. What can he offer our state anymore since he has turned the position of United States Senator into his own personal play land of payoffs and patronage? How can anyone in the Connecticut Democratic party actually endorse this type of corruption? And why has our political system in Connecticut succumbed to this lack of ethics?
The new allegations against Dodd and his forgetfulness of who from AIG actually gave to his campaign, his wife's forgetfulness of which boards she sits on and get paid from and last but not least his sweetheart mortgage deal should not be forgotten in 2010. Dodd deserves to lose and will in 2010. It is just too bad that taxpayers must pay for his never ending pension he will receive from us as he retires.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's Random Thoughts

Here are some of my Sunday's random thoughts...
The tea party movement is here to stay as taxpayers from both sides of the aisle express extreme frustration with both parties tax and spend nonsense and excessive long term debt that they our bestowing upon our economy. The economic stimulus package which was not read by most who voted for it is a childish economic exercise of tax and spend. It has great long term economic implications which will ultimately lead to economic stagflation and long term recession. It was foolish and shows the lack of the economic knowledge this administration has.
Chris Dodd will lose in 2010 no matter who he hires as a campaign manager. No campaign manager can undo the years of political ineptness that this man has bestowed upon Connecticut. He is a liar, he is corrupt and he will be voted out of office in 2010. He does have a massive uphill battle and will lose.
Why doesn't the state try to investigate all of its wasteful spending on bonuses for the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation rather than AIG? Oh I get it, the CSLF is exempt of any wrong doing because of its political ties. The two tier system is alive and well in Hartford-just keep taxing people and businesses out of state - that should solve all of our problems. Naturally anything our state government does is correct and anything the private sector does is evil and corrupt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The New Democrat Tax On Shopping Bags

House Bill 5215. This is a beauty developed by Connecticut's tax and spend Democrats. If you forget to bring the "green" bags that you were forced to buy at your grocery stores, you will now charged a tax of five cents for each paper or plastic bag that you use. These monies will supposedly go to state Department of Environmental Protection. The state is projecting stealing $10 million dollars from state taxpayers when they shop. I truly do not believe that one cent will be going to this department but will be lumped as usual into the state's slush fund better known as the General Fund. What gives the right of the state to do this? What about elderly shoppers who may not be able to carry the "green" bags? What a rip off as usual by the tax and spend Democrats in Hartford.
Thus this assembly promotes more of the same, higher spending and higher taxes using any excuse they can possibly muster on any possible aspect of our lives. I urge all taxpayers to voice their opposition to House Bill 5215. There is no need for this theft to occur.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Not Tax Lobbyists At 90%?

Why not tax lobbyists at 90%? Just a thought. Since the AIG bonuses are a legal contractual agreement, why doesn't the state and federal governments look into taxing paid lobbyists at a 90% level? This would be a great source of revenue for our bankrupt state and federal governments. Maybe Governor Rell could subpoena all the registered state lobbyists and grill them as to why they are making so much money and how they are influencing the excessive costs of both our federal and state government. Maybe there could be full page articles in all of Connecticut's papers disclosing how much money they actually contribute to politicians on both sides of the aisle and the corresponding legislation that was enacted because of these same contributions. The same could be said for federal lobbyists and their contributions to our federal debt through the excessive amount of legislation they push through for taxpayers. To me it would be logical that if you want AIG employees to testify you should not leave out lobbyists. After all look at the productivity of let say a Tom Daschle and his lobbying efforts (not to mention his ability not to pay taxes). Let's pick on lobbyists who with their political friends who have help to create our economic debacle.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Crushing Federal Debt

The crushing federal debt. It just keeps coming and coming. We as a nation now have a $11 trillion national debt. In other words our government has spent $11 trillion dollars more than it has taken in. $11 trillion dollars is an incredible number. The great question in Washington which finally some politicians are waking up to is - how is this going to be paid back and by whom? There is not a great deal of economic logic in any of the stimulus or bailout packages which were passed. These packages have all added to the national debt and done little if anything to actually create economic stimulus. Again who is going to pay for this debt in the future? And at what cost? What is the actual value of our dollar relative to this debt?
In my economic opinion these bills must be stopped or this current administration will truly bankrupt our economy. Enough is enough of this economic debacle they have created. Let the free market system clean itself rather than be further soiled by economically illiterate politicians.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Never Ending Chris Dodd Economic Mess

This mess never ends. The Chris Dodd circus just keeps spinning over and over again. I am just curious as to how much money was donated to the Dodd campaign by many of the failed banking giants and AIG. Then to add insult to injury we have to listen to Dodd belittle and condemn those individuals who were contractually guaranteed their bonuses and that politicians like Dodd knew about this over a year ago. Now we have the spin. Congress-Chris Dodd, the Treasury and the President all know about the bonuses before they are paid out and now all of a sudden a new campaign is dumped upon taxpayers to make us upset about it. We should be livid at Congress. In my economic opinion none of the monies should have been given in the first place and Chris Dodd had and still has full knowledge of the economic mess he created as head of the Senate Banking Committee. He gladly accepts their contributions, he gladly writes a bill in their favor and he gladly condemns them when politically expedient. The Chris Dodd economic mess is never ending. His corruption is never ending, his deals are never ending. Rob Simmons will be an excellent Senator from Connecticut in 2010 and then finally the Dodd debacle will be over.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Aren't We Outraged At Congress?

Why aren't we outraged at Congress? After all they have contributed greatly to the economic problems that we have in our economy today. They decided several years ago that they are experts in business and economics and as such stated it was ok to allow mortgages to go to consumers who can not afford them. Then when many of these same mortgages went unpaid and caused a ripple effect in the credit markets, they created a lending spree with no strings attach to the same companies who were going bankrupt. Now, in the case of AIG, contractual employee payments must be paid, a new spin occurs. All legal action by the economic savvy Congress and President will be used to stop these payments. Why? If you are employed by AIG and were doing your job well and selling product, doesn't our capitalistic system reward those whose economic value is greater than those who are not? Capitalism rewards risk and achievement. It is pathetic to see this new spin by Congress and the Obama Administration that these employees are the cause of AIG's problems because they did their job. When does Congress ever do their job? Why are they allowed to spend our money any way they want to suffice their pork barrel spending and lobbying groups which dictate really what taxpayers can or can not have? Why are we not outraged against Congress and the Obama administration? I know I am one taxpayer who is.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Private Sector Will Always Stimulate The Economy

The private sector will always stimulate the economy. As hard as politicians try to put a twist on the economy today, there is no such thing as a governmental trickle down effect from this current pork ridden economic stimulus bill. The money that the Obama Administration is using is borrowed taxpayer's monies. And it is being borrowed from people who are not even born yet. It is being borrowed from the open markets which will ultimately lead to higher interest rates and higher inflation rates. Thus in in a few short months we will probably see much higher interest rates and much higher inflation. Therefore the question must be asked that if homeowners who are facing foreclosure today - how will they be any better off when interest rates start to go up again and the actual cost of living is much higher due to inflation? It is a question ignored by the Democratically led Congress and by the media. Guess what, those who can't afford their mortgages today and will still not be able to afford them in the future. The private sector needs to clear out the toxic debt, the bad mortgages, the businesses which can no longer make a profit. Then and only then will our economy get back on the right track. This current administration truly does not understand nor does it care to understand the massive economic mistakes it is making by these pork laden spending bills. 2010 is coming, can the private sector wait that long for change?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here Come The Cuts

Here come the cuts. The elitist Democratic party of Connecticut is finally going to show the state what their true colors are. The Democratic legislature is going to show the illiterate taxpayers of our state, budget cuts shown in three different scenarios. Obviously the scenarios will be mild, tough, and draconian. To use a psychological advantage on their own ineptness in leading the state, the Democrats will now will resort to picking up on an Obama theme, scare and fear given certain cuts in programs for our state. Democrats want to preserve as many political patronage jobs as they possibly can thus they will cut "real" programs to help save money. Mr. Donovan's $165,000 mouthpiece stays. Mr. Gaffey's rhetoric about double billing the state stays. Mr. Lawlor's attack on the Catholic Church stays.
Taxpayers are not stupid to this political game that the Democrats continue to play in Connecticut. We have the highest tax burden in the country, along with the highest gas tax, highest electric rates in the country, one of the worse climates for business and industry in the country and we are now going to be spoon fed their drastic measures. The Democrats in Hartford are unfit to lead. They have lost Connecticut as taxpayers continue to tune out their corruption and games. 2010 can't happen soon enough.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why Is Capitalism Bad?

Why is Capitalism bad? Can someone explain that to me? Why is it bad to invest in businesses in our country who in turn manufacture, produce and service products and goods for our economy? Why is it bad for these same businesses to create jobs for our economy which in turn help create a prosperous economic business cycle? Why is it bad to have an unyielding optimism about the American worker-most who work hard and are very productive for our economy? Why is wealth bad in our economy? Why is it bad for those who take risks in our economy to keep most of what they earn? Why does our economy give incentives for those people who are lazy and do not wish to work? Why do they have to be supported by those who do work hard? Why does government feel they that they can run our economy better, given all of the scandals, illegal dealings and immoral conduct they exhibit in both the White House and in Congress? Why do Congressional Democrats, many who are multi millionaires, have such a hatred of an economic system that they have benefited from? Why are the talking heads in the 24/7 media glorified for their obvious lack of economic knowledge and their complete bias in reporting what is actually going on? Capitalism through its natural means will get us out of this recession. Hoover/FDR/Obama economics will not. This is a fact which will once again be shown by the free market system.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Come On Let's Jump On The Democrat Tax Train!

Come on taxpayers of Connecticut lets jump on the Democratic tax train in Hartford.
Taxpayers throughout our state let's get on board.
Higher taxes will solve everything here in Connecticut and hopefully bring us back to being a #1 taxed state in our country.
Recession, depression, you are dreaming if you think you can't pay more in taxes.
How about .05 cents more on your heating oil - what do you mean you are cold?
What do you mean your income levels have dropped? We will just raise your income taxes even more to help our state spend more for the special interest groups who run it.
What do you mean that you that earn $132501 a year? We will tax you more so that you really pay your fair share. You wealthy people need to work harder to help support those who do not wish to work and for state legislators to spend even more.
Come on let's jump on the Connecticut Democratic tax train! And let's take the next train and move out of this state!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Are Rich If You Earn $250,000 A Year

You may not have known that you are rich if you or you and your spouse earn $250,000 a year. But according to our new Democrat economics, you are rich and you will be taxed and taxed and taxed a little more. Never mind you might be an entrepreneur and take risks with your money, those risks need to be taxed by the new economics of the new administration. Never mind that in theory 95% of all Americans (I guess not all taxpayers?) will get a tax break, many who do not even pay taxes at this time. Nope you will be supporting them even more so, so they do not have to work nor be productive nor ever have to pay taxes. See you or you and your spouse are rich making $250,000 and government can't see that you should keep money that you work for. Congress can see themselves exempting themselves from any laws that they pass or possibly paying any taxes (why should they bother anyways-no law actually either means anything to them or that they need to abide by it, but you need to pay. And pay you will for this Democratic mess of higher taxes, higher spending, and an economic situation exaggerated by their ineptness in trying to resolve it. The tide is turning already against this new taxation without representation. 2010 is coming faster than they believe and many of these political hacks will be voted out of office. Do you hear that Congress?