Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday February 12 - A Connecticut Holiday. Why?

Thursday February 12 - A Connecticut Holiday. Why? Why is today a paid state holiday in Connecticut? Why do taxpayers have to pay for this day off for state workers? How many holidays do state workers get? I know it is more than what I get. With a massive budgetary crisis that we have in the state today, one of the first areas that should be cut are these excessive holidays that are given to state workers. Today is not even a federal holiday so why is Connecticut closed today because of it? Are most state workers home today reflecting on Abraham Lincoln and the problems he faced as President?
Excessive and ridiculous benefits such as today being a paid state holiday has been a great contributing factor in to our states financial mess. Double dipping of retired workers also has been abused and is another factor. Taxpayers who are working today should be livid that this is a paid holiday for state workers in Connecticut. Just another example of the massive waste of taxpayers monies here in our state.

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