Monday, February 23, 2009

Economic Confusion

We have economic confusion in our current administration. In my economic opinion we also have economic illiteracy also. I am confused how you can add over $1.2 trillion dollars to the national debt in less than one month in your administration, then come up with a comment on economic restraint and to cut in half the actual deficit by 2013. Can someone in economics tell me how this is possible? I am lost by this rhetoric and fantasy remark. I am even more confused by a pork and earmark laden stimulus package that really does nothing other than place a pent up spending package onto the economy with no rhyme or reason. Obviously politicians are blind to the repercussions of who actually will be paying back this $1.2+ trillion dollars over the next 100 years. And they also blind to the reality that this package is doing nothing to help the economy. Why has the stock market reacted so negatively? Lack of confidence? Lack of any economic knowledge by this administration? Lack of leadership? All of the above? Thus a new chapter for my class will be how to spend $1.2 trillion dollars of pork and then get half off your debt in 4 short years. 2010 can't happen soon enough.

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