Monday, February 02, 2009

The Demoratic Man That Costs Taxpayers $165,000

The Democratic man that costs taxpayers $165,000. What is another $165,000 to taxpayers? After all being a Press Secretary, to in his own mind, to the most important Democrat in Connecticut, Speaker Chris Donovan, is probably one of if not the most important jobs in Connecticut. I know it is difficult to motivate Democrats who have a super majority in the House and as such Mr. Whiting really needs all of this money. I know this job creates in the Democrats minds a great deal of productivity and somehow contributes to the United States balance of trade and to our nation's Gross Domestic Product. I know Mr. Whiting's job is stressful, he endangers himself each day he goes to work, his position critical and essential to the day to day functioning of Connecticut. Obviously Connecticut could no longer function without Mr. Whiting. Maybe it is time to start naming streets, schools and or towns in Connecticut after Whiting, Donovan or maybe even Jim Amann?
Just another example of how the Democratic party in Connecticut has no respect or economic common sense for taxpayers. Again, just another example of how leaderless and inept Chris Donovan is. 2010 is coming.

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