Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chris Dodd - Sees Nothing, Speaks Nothing, Hears Nothing

Chris Dodd - sees nothing, speaks nothing, hears nothing. 235 days plus later we still do not have any more information about Dodd's sweetheart mortgage deal with Countrywide Mortgage. We still are no further to trying to understand how Dodd was able to get the large sums of money for his mortgages at a reduced rate and save himself $75,000+. We still are no further in understanding his sweetheart bailout bill that was passed to help his friends at Countrywide Mortgage. We are still no further in understanding how a paid consultant of his law firm (at a cost of $70,000+) was to objectively find anything wrong with Dodd's mortgage deal. We still continue to have the lies of Chris Dodd who is unfit to be the Chair of the Senate Banking Committee. Chris Dodd has once again shown his lack of ethics in continuing to lie about his deal and subsequent payback to Coutrywide with his bill.
And no it does not make a difference if he is going to refinance his mortgages with another lender, he still has not come clean with his dealings with Countrywide.
Chris Dodd has lied to the taxpayers of Connecticut long enough. 2010 can't happen soon enough - Dodd must go.

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CT Voter 2010 said...

Sickening, isn't it? It is time for Dodd to move on. Thanks for helping keep the pressure on.

Check out for more info on our senior senator.