Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank You President Bush

Thank you President Bush. Eight long years ago you took office, our country was running its course. 9/11/01 occurred and life as once we knew it changed forever. Innocent people were murdered that day by a group of individuals who hate our freedom, hate themselves, yet embrace our money to attain their goals. You as President took it upon yourself to make our country safe again, so we would not have fear to travel to work or to the store or to our Churches. You as President did not have an ego. You did not care about what your political enemies said about you, this was a refreshing change from the prior eights years we endured with our last President. You as a President put the safety of our country first and you fought a battle against the enemy, the Democrats and the media. Yet you continued to show your strength and courage in the face of this crisis.
When history is read again, you will be credited with making our world a safer place to live.
Again our thanks President Bush. Enjoy Texas now again.

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