Monday, January 19, 2009

Dodd, Gaffey, Donovan, Amann = The Cancer of Connecticut

Dodd, Gaffey, Donovan, Amann = the Cancer of Connecticut. Where do we begin with the cancer known as the Democratic party in Connecticut? First we still can not get any information about Chris Dodd's illegal and unethical mortgage with Countywide. As far as he is concerned he did nothing wrong except rape the taxpayers of Connecticut with his deal. And we should be accepting of his folly as he does not know he did anything wrong, laws are not for liberals like him who are capable of bringing down the housing market with their ineptness. Senator Gaffey is a mess entwined in different double billings, affairs with state government workers, all unknown to him also. Years of his corruption which he does not know what he did wrong. If what he has just done in doubling billing taxpayers for his extravagant trips and conferences is not illegal, unethical and immoral I do not know what is. Finally poor Chris Donovan can't manage his plum Speaker job that pays $38000 without help from the former Speaker Amann and then have the audacity to pay him $120000 for it with a $6 billion dollar budget deficit on the horizon. This is a man who feels he can be Governor of Connecticut? Incredible.
What we have here are four unethical, immoral, illegal and egotistical Connecticut Democratic politicians who have become in their own minds above any law. They are the cancer that is eating away our state. 2010 can not come too soon. They all should be man enough to resign today if not sooner.

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