Sunday, January 11, 2009

Democratic Liberalism = Higher Connecticut Taxes

Democratic liberalism will mean higher taxes for all of Connecticut taxpayers. I just hope they get to the bottom of all of that garbage that has happened on Wall Street. Because those goons on Wall Street, many who live in Connecticut, have helped to support over the good years the liberal spending in Hartford. Now that times are bad it is now these same goons fault that we are in the fiscal mess we are in. These same liberals who have an incredible need to spend money as rapidly as they can in order to keep getting re-elected. I do not know why anyone is losing sleep over this fiscal mess we are in. The politicians in Hartford represent only their own self interest and self glory. There is no need to be concerned about those of us who actually work for a living here in the state. No we are just going to tax and spend even more in this coming session.
What some politicians in Hartford, including the Governor, could actually offer is massive cuts in spending and the elimination of the state income tax. What you would see is incredible private sector economic stimulation in our state. But then again we really can't have that now as our state government must be the cancer that entraps us all forever. Change in Connecticut can't happen soon enough, too bad we must another two years for it.

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Bob said...

The Cancer that entraps us all.

Nice turn of phrase.

Waiting to reveal the deficit till just days after the election was criminal.

Another 2 years of this incompetence. CT the state of failure.