Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blame Rush.

Blame Rush. I guess if you are President of the United States your biggest fear is a conservative talk show host. I guess your biggest fear is conservative talk radio, The National Review and conservative bloggers. You must fear them since they are the opposition now. You must fear them because they will not conform to your tired speeches that we all must unify under you. You must fear them because they speak the truth about the falseness of your administration already. You must fear them because they see through your concept of ethics since your new Treasury Secretary does not need to pay taxes nor does your Secretary of State have any conflicts of interest nor any ethics.
You see your administration is about the power that the mainstream media has created about you. You have no experience nor have you really surrounded yourself with capable people. No the mainstream media has created you and over the next few years the mainstream media will bring you down.
But please do not blame Rush Limbaugh. Blame yourself. Ethics does matter to most Americans.

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