Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The List Of Corrupt Connecticut Politicians Continues

The list of corrupt Connecticut politicians continues. It seems like there are more Democrats this time than Republicans. I guess there is nothing wrong with getting your house fixed for free if you are Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez. Obviously the contractor who did the work expects more of the city's work in return. Not a bad trade-off. Senator Chris Dodd still can not come clean about his sweetheart mortgage deal with Countrywide. Yet he can dictate to the private sector what they can or can not spend money on. Oh yeah and also write a bill to help Countrywide at the expense of taxpayers. How about Judge Curtissa Cofield and her vulgar racial remarks to the State Police? What is she going to get? Will she get to keep her job by taking some drunk driving classes? How can she actually sit in a court of law anymore? How about State Representative Brian O'Connor and his special drunk driving classes? State Senator Tom Gaffey has for years been unethical, his latest effort of double billing the state just a another notch in his personal level of corruption in his office. Why would you want Gaffey to represent you anymore? Jim Amann and his sweetheart deal with Chris Donovan went sour, but what other private deals were made which impair the ability of the Speaker of the House to actually lead? How does either one have any credibility or ethics anymore?
In all of these instances and countless others we see the lack of ethics by members of the Democratic party in Connecticut. We know if any of these politicians were Republicans they would immediately be ripped apart. How much longer do we as taxpayers have to support this mockery of government? Is the Democratic party in Connecticut ever going to clean up their act and have ethics?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blame Rush.

Blame Rush. I guess if you are President of the United States your biggest fear is a conservative talk show host. I guess your biggest fear is conservative talk radio, The National Review and conservative bloggers. You must fear them since they are the opposition now. You must fear them because they will not conform to your tired speeches that we all must unify under you. You must fear them because they speak the truth about the falseness of your administration already. You must fear them because they see through your concept of ethics since your new Treasury Secretary does not need to pay taxes nor does your Secretary of State have any conflicts of interest nor any ethics.
You see your administration is about the power that the mainstream media has created about you. You have no experience nor have you really surrounded yourself with capable people. No the mainstream media has created you and over the next few years the mainstream media will bring you down.
But please do not blame Rush Limbaugh. Blame yourself. Ethics does matter to most Americans.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank You President Bush

Thank you President Bush. Eight long years ago you took office, our country was running its course. 9/11/01 occurred and life as once we knew it changed forever. Innocent people were murdered that day by a group of individuals who hate our freedom, hate themselves, yet embrace our money to attain their goals. You as President took it upon yourself to make our country safe again, so we would not have fear to travel to work or to the store or to our Churches. You as President did not have an ego. You did not care about what your political enemies said about you, this was a refreshing change from the prior eights years we endured with our last President. You as a President put the safety of our country first and you fought a battle against the enemy, the Democrats and the media. Yet you continued to show your strength and courage in the face of this crisis.
When history is read again, you will be credited with making our world a safer place to live.
Again our thanks President Bush. Enjoy Texas now again.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dodd, Gaffey, Donovan, Amann = The Cancer of Connecticut

Dodd, Gaffey, Donovan, Amann = the Cancer of Connecticut. Where do we begin with the cancer known as the Democratic party in Connecticut? First we still can not get any information about Chris Dodd's illegal and unethical mortgage with Countywide. As far as he is concerned he did nothing wrong except rape the taxpayers of Connecticut with his deal. And we should be accepting of his folly as he does not know he did anything wrong, laws are not for liberals like him who are capable of bringing down the housing market with their ineptness. Senator Gaffey is a mess entwined in different double billings, affairs with state government workers, all unknown to him also. Years of his corruption which he does not know what he did wrong. If what he has just done in doubling billing taxpayers for his extravagant trips and conferences is not illegal, unethical and immoral I do not know what is. Finally poor Chris Donovan can't manage his plum Speaker job that pays $38000 without help from the former Speaker Amann and then have the audacity to pay him $120000 for it with a $6 billion dollar budget deficit on the horizon. This is a man who feels he can be Governor of Connecticut? Incredible.
What we have here are four unethical, immoral, illegal and egotistical Connecticut Democratic politicians who have become in their own minds above any law. They are the cancer that is eating away our state. 2010 can not come too soon. They all should be man enough to resign today if not sooner.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Am A Liberal Therefore I Need Not Pay Any Taxes

I am a Liberal and therefore I need not pay any taxes. However if I was a Conservative or a Republican and was being appointed to the Treasury Secretary position and did not pay my estimated taxes when I worked for the IMF, I would be chewed up, spit out and not confirmed. So why is this Obama pick being treated with such grace and forgiveness? Last time I remembered it was against the law not to pay your taxes. And someone in this position in the IMF, an elitist position, who was that ignorant in forgetting to pay his taxes? In my economic opinion he decided willfully not to pay his taxes and put his money to use someplace else, especially not paying the United States Treasury, which he is now going to lead. Timothy F. Geithner is unfit to become our next Treasury secretary in these difficult economic times. He has shown his displeasure for following the laws of our tax system and his blatant disrespect for our economic system by doing this. Yes he was sloppy. He also broke the law. Therefore his nomination should voted down immediately.
I can see the Obama cabinet having many different political hacks being recycled over and over again in his very short four year term. This administration is showing its ineptness already. Bring on 2012.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Democratic Liberalism = Higher Connecticut Taxes

Democratic liberalism will mean higher taxes for all of Connecticut taxpayers. I just hope they get to the bottom of all of that garbage that has happened on Wall Street. Because those goons on Wall Street, many who live in Connecticut, have helped to support over the good years the liberal spending in Hartford. Now that times are bad it is now these same goons fault that we are in the fiscal mess we are in. These same liberals who have an incredible need to spend money as rapidly as they can in order to keep getting re-elected. I do not know why anyone is losing sleep over this fiscal mess we are in. The politicians in Hartford represent only their own self interest and self glory. There is no need to be concerned about those of us who actually work for a living here in the state. No we are just going to tax and spend even more in this coming session.
What some politicians in Hartford, including the Governor, could actually offer is massive cuts in spending and the elimination of the state income tax. What you would see is incredible private sector economic stimulation in our state. But then again we really can't have that now as our state government must be the cancer that entraps us all forever. Change in Connecticut can't happen soon enough, too bad we must another two years for it.