Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chris Donovan's Letter Writing Campaign

I have been noticing an increase in the number of Letters to the Editor in the Record Journal written by individuals praising the virtues of Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. Why I do not know other than to once again deflect criticism of his failed legislative session and raising taxes yet once again on our state. I will also add that his last plan to cut the deficit makes absolutely no economic sense to me nor will it work. Does Donovan understand the amount of debt and unfunded liabilities that the state has? Does Donovan understand that the excessively high tax rate that Connecticut has continues to force businesses and its citizens out of the state? What exactly are the results of the massive spending on all sorts of dependent social welfare programs, none of which by the way can be cut? Are the results to keep welfare for fourth and fifth generations of families, so their votes will be safe for the Democrats? And what gives the right to the state to tax inheritances? Hasn't money which has been earned been taxed already? Or are there never enough taxes for the Connecticut Democratic party?
Cut spending and cut taxes. Words which would never come out of the mouth of Chris Donovan and his letter writers.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Doesn't Congress Accept Their Own Health Care Plan?

Why doesn't Congress accept their own health care plan to cover themselves? Why don't they enroll themselves in Medicare when they retire? Why must taxpayers accept this failed, unhealthy expensive plan and Congress refuses? These are the questions that taxpayers must now ask their pompous Represenatatives and Senators as the two bills are debated. And the Republicans should now have the guts to fillabuster both bills as they stand. Does Congress feel that taxpayers are that stupid to accept this miserable will bill which will raise the national debt enormously, ration and make more expensive limited health care, and do away with research and technology in drugs, medical care and medical equipment? Congress has failed in its efforts to reform health care. It does not touch tort reform. It does not touch the costs of health care demand by illegal immigrants. It does not touch intertstate medical insurance plans. It just creates socialized health care and rationed care.
2010 will the great awakening for Congress as many Representatives and Senators become unemployed. Stop this unhealthy non reform bill today.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Change-What Change?

Change-What change you ask? I have no idea that there has been any type of change in our political system in either Washington or Hartford. In Hartford we are viewing the complete bankrupting of our state government by the Democratic super majority. A super majority who can cut no spending, produce no results and is spending our tax monies into a bankruptcy for the state. For 2010 our Democratic super majority is offering us higher taxes and increased long term debt for our children. They have chosen to keep their heads in the sand and walk away from fiscal responsibility.
In Washington, Congress has chosen not to address the economy or private sector job creation. They have decided to break our health care system, ruin healthy lives, raise taxes to unsustainable levels, and walk away from fiscal responsibility by increasing the national debt by $4 trillion dollars. All in the name of change. Change-What change you ask?
State and national elections will be here in a few months and we as voters and taxpayers will be creating the change by voting these stale and corrupt politicians out of office. I am confident of that. Change-2010 style.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chris Dodd For Sale - Please Buy My Vote=$100 Million Dump Dodd 2010

I wasn't offered anything for my vote nor did I get a sweetheart mortgage deal either. You see I play by the rules and laws of our society. These same laws and rules do not apply to the United States Congress especially for Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd has shaken taxpayers for another $100 million dollars to ensure his vote on the horrific health care bill which has been rammed down the throats of taxpayers. Dodd's vote was guaranteed by giving $100 million of taxpayer's monies to help prop up and build another monument to the University of Connecticut Health Care Center while holding state taxpayers to foot 60% of the bill. Economic logic? Good spending? No and no. But a great way for the inept and politically corrupt Chris Dodd to buy votes in his failing re-election campaign of the century.
I am amazed at the lack of economic reasoning exhibited by this administration and this congress, just spend until it can't be financed any more and bankrupt our country. And the logic of Chris Dodd is that it is all about his failed leadership, his failed policies, his failed ethics and his failed career.
Dump Dodd in 2010.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Connecticut Economic War

In case you are visiting from another planet, Connecticut's budget is messed up again. The smokescreen budget which the Democratic super majority rammed down the throats of taxpayers here is unraveling as we speak. Tax revenues continue to collapse, the mythical state sales tax cut is gone and the Democrat drumbeat of new and higher taxes is starting to grow once again.
Governor Rell's attempt to cut spending by freezing enrollment in our state socialized health care plan and some minor cuts in state agency budgets has met the stonewall of union backed Democrat Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. Donovan now rolls out his highly paid public relations pests to bombard the media of how many innocent peoples lives will be affected and how many unionized jobs will be lost with these cuts. His simplistic alternative is just to continue to raise taxes and force more businesses and citizens out of the state. So much for economic logic.
Donovan and his Democratic super majority really need to come up with some new arguments as to why we must keep social welfare spending so high in our state. The results of these billions spent are poor at best. In my economic opinion, it is only done to continue to buy influence and votes in Hartford. The economic damage that they are doing to our economy is reprehensible to taxpayers. Economic leadership is non existent in Hartford and the blame for the economic fall of Connecticut lies squarely on the Democrats who are unable to lead.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Federal Government Dream Crushers

The Federal Government never ceases to amaze me in their new role as dream crushers. Last time I looked America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. With our current administration we can change that to the land of the regulation and the home of the timid. We have economic dream crushers at every step in Washington. As their windows of opportunity to force socialistic economic policies closing with each day before the 2010 elections, each day brings forth new, irrational anti-economic growth, socialistic economic policies which clearly make no sense to our economy.
The anti consumer/business Consumer Financial Protection Agency law, passed by the House is yet another example of foolish economics endorsed by economically illiterate politicians. Yet another bill which will drive up costs for consumers. The EPA will now help strip the remaining production out of economy with their scare tactics regarding cap and trade. Sick, socialized medicine is just around the corner since apparently 5% of our population does not have health insurance, thus we must cripple and make ill the remaining 95% who actually do. And the list goes on and on.
We have raped the American dream by a group of ill prepared, ill serving, economically illiterate politicians and officials. By stripping our economic power and growth we have laid the foundation for horrific economic times. Hopefully a new Congress in 2010 will start to repeal many of these laws by this ridiculous and self serving Congress and administration. We truly have taxation without representation once again.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dodd Responds Poorly

In my economic opinion Chris Dodd responded poorly, very poorly. I would like to share with my most recent response from our soon-to-be ex-Senator from Connecticut received via email on 11/17/09

Dear Mr. Swick:

Thank you for contacting me concerning the cost of government action to address our current economic crisis. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.
Years of fiscal recklessness coupled with a lack of regulatory oversight helped to contribute to the current economic crisis which has left millions of Americans struggling to keep their homes and their jobs.
Swick Speak:Mr. Dodd how long have you been in office and how long have your failed policies been in place?
To address this very serious downturn, Congress acted decisively to pass legislation to stabilize the financial system, as well as a substantial stimulus bill to help halt the further decline of our economy. These swift, aggressive actions have already succeeded in preventing a complete collapse of our financial system, as well as helped move our economy from the very brink of disaster. However, these actions must be followed by substantive reforms that will provide a new foundation for American prosperity in the 21st century, as well as diligent oversight to ensure that taxpayer funds are used appropriately.
Swick Speak: Mr. Dodd again what have these actions done other than increase the national debt? By controlling more of the economy how do you create any foundation for prosperity? By raising taxes and the debt to appease your liberal party?

Our current economic crisis has helped to further expose several weaknesses in the United States economy, including a broken health care system, dependence on foreign oil, and deteriorating infrastructure. In order to fundamentally strengthen our economy, we need to refocus our national priorities toward reinvesting here in the United States to the benefit of the American people. For example, it has been estimated that merely cutting one to two percent from our current health care costs-which represent an astronomical 16 percent of our total Gross Domestic Product-will generate billions in savings for the U.S. government and taxpayers.
Swick Speak: Mr. Dodd how many years have you been in office to accomplish all of this? You continue the lies of your party about health care reform which will do nothing economically for us other than increase taxes, ration health care and still afford you the best of health care since Congress refuses to join the poor and unhealthy health care system they are creating for the rest of the country. How many years have we had to become energy independent yet your party stonewalls any attempt to drill domestically , build new refineries and promote nuclear power?

Investing in our future will require significant investments in the near-term, as well as take time to truly work effectively. I understand that the magnitude of these issues invites spirited debate and disagreement from all sides as to how best to proceed. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as I continue to my work to end our current economic crisis and ensure an accelerated, full recovery.
Again, thank you for contacting me. If you would like to stay in touch with me on this or other issues of importance, please visit my website at and subscribe to receive my regular e-mail updates. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I may be of assistance to you in any way.


United States Senator
CJD: jh

What is lost in this comical response is the total avoidance of any wrong doing. Dodd has been head of the Senate Banking Committee for how long? What about his sweetheart mortgage deal? His blessings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when they were shown to be insolvent? And the list goes on and on, ad infinitum.
Enough of the rhetoric, 2010 is almost here and a new Senator will be elected in Connecticut.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stop This Mindless Economic Endless War...

I always get a laugh driving by a car that has the anti-Bush "Stop This Endless War" bumper sticker on it. I have always thought of printing up one that states, "Stop This Mindless Economic Endless War..." I feel like rolling down the window and yelling at the person driving, "Your boy really has stopped the war hasn't he?" "It has only been one year now!" And then drive away.
Because now he is fighting on three fronts, Iraq, a new and complex escalation in Afghanistan and in our country on the domestic front. It took the President three months to decide on what he decided upon back then-more troops. A great sign of indecisiveness, sort of like LBJ back in Vietnam. And at the same time fighting with taxpayers to give up their medical insurance and care along with their environmental freedom for the sake of higher taxes and a failed socialist economic agenda that is coming apart at the seams. Taxpayers are sick of the war at all three fronts, Iraq, Afghanistan and in our country against those who work for a living and pay taxes. Maybe it is time to start to win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and let the free market economy work without governmental intervention. But I sense a loss on all three fronts by 2011 with a real change in the form of a new Congress in 2010 and a new Commander-in-Chief in 2012. Then all of the wars will end.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enumerated Powers Clause

Enumerated Powers Clause. What is this? To our Congress it is an unknown part of our Constitution. Since 1995 Representative John Shadegg (R–AZ) has introduced a bill in the House to reintroduce this concept of a limitation of federal power through the actual enforcement of the Enumerated Powers Clause. I will also note that Senator Tom Coburn (R–OK) has also recently introduced this same type of bill in the Senate but to no avail. Off topic, what a great Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate these two men would make.
This clause for those who do not know what it is limits federal power, it limits the scope and influence of federal power in all aspects of our lives and society. As such if one examines the health care bills that are being debated, this clause is completely violated and disregarded. We can then see that the creation of 118 new boards, commissions and programs from this health care bill violates the Enumerated Powers Clause and is in direction violation of our constitution. Why then must taxpayers accept this Congressional bill which is in direct violation of our constitution? Congress does not even understand they have created a bill which violates and disrespects the governing law that they need to follow to legislate. I urge our stale, unethical Congress to actually read this provision of our constitution. How can a bill that violates our constitution be allowed to pass?
As I state all the time the elections of 2010 can't happen soon enough. It is time to enforce the Enumerated Powers Clause.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let Us Spend Even More Money

Yes, let us spend even more money. We are illiterate when it comes to finance. We want to be entitled so we do not have to work in our lifetimes. Other people need to work not us. We also deserve it. Our interpretation of the United States Constitution says we can have it. So what if we are now $13 trillion dollars in debt. It is not my problem. Who cares about unfunded liabilities? Who really cares if we have jobs, all we care about is pork and earmarks. How much is my vote worth? To me $300 million is not enough! What do you mean we broke away from England over taxation without representation...get use to it sucker. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. And have nothing to show for it either.

Yes let us spend even more money. We are the 2009 United States Congress, the most out of touch with reality Congress ever.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Health Care Fever

Listen to the taxpayers
there is dissension all around.
There is a vote going down
and we disagree with it.

In the bowels of Congress
there are payoffs galore.
If there is a vote to buy
we will pay for it.

And that socialized health care
creeps into all of our lives.
Controlling all of our lives.
When it reaches for our money
giving us higher taxes and poor health.

Then I get health care fever, health care fever.
We know we don't want it.
Gimme that health care fever
We know we don't want it.

Here we have
folks praying that this doesn't pass.
Living with my health care plan
Born free
death as a socialist.

Health care fever, health care fever.
We know we don't want it.
Gimme that health care fever
We know we don't want it.

In the heat of the debate
we all know that this bill is a mess.
We got a horrific Congress.
We got a runaway national debt.
And we see the tide turning in 2010.
We are giving Congress warning.

Health care fever, health care fever.
We know now we all will die
Gimme that health care fever
We know we don't want it.

(You may wish to hum this to the tune of Saturday Night Fever
as the Senate is forcing a vote in one week on a 2000 page bill that they have not read also-Thanks Congress, I hope you find work in 2011.)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unemployment Benefits Will Continue Forever and Ever-Ad Infinitum

I was told tonight by a friend of ours that unemployment benefits have been extended to 93 weeks in Connecticut. 104 weeks makes 2 years thus you can remain on unemployment benefits for 1 year and 9 months and collect $537 a week at the maximum for not working.
Obviously our economy is having a difficult time creating jobs. The falsification of the recent economic stimulus package-jobs created and saved statistics has shown its ineptness. Teaching economics for 27 years now, I never heard of the term "jobs saved" nor understand what is meant by that. One either has a job or does not have a job. People do not have a "saved job". Saved by whom or what? A governmental program bloated with earmarks and pork, that does nothing for the economy except to raise the National Debt? That is how this administration responds to job creation.
What we need to stimulate jobs in our economy is simplistic but not politically popular-lower taxes on businesses and industries, drop all nationalized health care plans, eliminate the pay czar, drop all cap and trade plans, allow the free markets to work on the profit motive and cut governmental spending at all levels (and ultimately pay off the National Debt). Sounds crazy? No 93 weeks of unemployment benefits is crazy and if I was unemployed I would want the private sector to help create a job for me. How about it?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Cost Nationalized Health Care?

I am still wondering what will be the costs of nationalized health care? And who will pay for it? In trying to follow the limited information given by Congress regarding the bill I see that the bulk of this bill will be payed for by those who can least afford it and by yet again raising taxes. In other words, care will be cut for many, a governmental bureaucracy will be created, taxes will become higher again and the national debt will continue to soar. Thus what in economic terms will be the benefits of this new nationalized health care? I truly can not see any. For the new limited amount of individuals who will be covered it would be cheaper for the government to pay for premiums to an insurance company to cover them.
The real economic questions of health care reform were never addressed; health savings accounts, the portability of health insurance plans, tort and medical malpractice reform. They were lost in lobbying.
As I have stated numerous times before, this is a health plan that will make America sick and now make it go broke. 2010 and 2012 can not happen soon enough.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Economic Problems?

What Economic Problems? I can't think of any but unemployment, a massive national debt, a loss of our manufacturing base, disincentives to save and invest, a pay czar dictating to private businesses what salaries can be paid, massive home foreclosures, the stripping of power of the Federal Reserve System, an unethical and economically illiterate Congress and last but not least, two wars which are being fought in Washington by bureaucrats while American military lives are being lost.
What Economic Problems? What solutions? I hear none from Washington except for higher taxes, more governmental spending at all levels, the socialization of our free enterprise and market system, an enemies list and last but not least embracing our enemies and turning our backs on our allies.
As I continue to state 2010 can't come soon enough and for that matter 2012 either.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congress To Taxpayers-Drop Dead. We Will Under Their Health Care Plan.

By taxpayers dropping dead there will be more health care available to those living under the House health care plan that was recently passed and read by very few who actually voted on it. It is a victory for socialism, poor health care service, government run health care, rationing of health care services, massive tax increases and a higher national debt. What is actually good about the bill? In my economic opinion, little if anything. We see tax increases to pay for the rationed care. We see jail terms for those who do not wish to or can afford the health plans being offered or the penalty for not paying for it. We see death panels to help push along those terminally ill to speed up their deaths. And the list goes on and on.
The United States House of Representatives is a legislative body completely out of touch with economic realty nor do they wish to represent those people who elected them by passing this bill.
Tort reform, health savings accounts, well care were all lost in this bill-a bill crafted by socialists whose failed politically philosophies are being rammed down taxpayers throats. 2010 elections can not happen soon enough.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wallingford Voters Vote No and Embrace Republican Majorities

Wallingford voters spoke loudly on Tuesday. They defeated by an overwhelming margin charter revision and placed the Town Council and Board of Education into Republican majority. This election was in my political opinion a strong statement against the policies and tactics of the Wallingford Democratic party and the state party also. It proved that the Wallingford voter would not be intimidated by the bullying of confusing charter revision and a lack of a candidate for mayor by the Democrats.
Good luck again to the Mayor and the new majorities. It is now time to lead Wallingford to greater growth and prosperity for the next two years.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jobs Can Not Be Saved, You Are Either Employed Or Unemployed. Simple.

You are either employed or unemployed in our economy. I am confused myself, when is a job saved that makes $30,000 a year worth spending $160,000 to save it? Only if you are trying to follow the massive pork laden economic stimulus bill which was shoved down taxpayers throats earlier this year. Yes the same bill that is now producing 10%+ unemployment, lowering consumer confidence and causing the national debt to skyrocket. The actual costs of the job creation aspect of the bill are enormous and poorly spent.
In all of my years of teaching economics I have never heard of the term "job saved". I can not believe that anyone in the Obama administration who actually understands economics would lower themselves to use this false term. In real economic terms, jobs are not saved, you either are employed or not employed (unemployed) - you do not have a job that was saved. If I have high enough enrollment at the Universities that I teach at, my class goes on and I teach it. I am employed by the University-not with a job that has been saved. It is the most ridiculous economic statement that I have ever heard of and I still can not believe the media actually reports it.
We have massive unemployment in our economy. The pork economic stimulus package has only added to our national debt and has done nothing for our economy. Try reporting that with the realism that jobs are not saved, the concept does not exist economically.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brodinsky Debates Himself and Wins The Debate! I Still Will Vote No On Charter Revision

Mike Brodinsky recently debated himself on Wallingford Charter Revision in front of no one but a public access television camera, no audience and minus that anti Charter revisionist revolutionary Steve Knight who rightfully declined the debate. And Brodinsky won the debate hands down! I guess when one debates oneself one can win a debate. However I thought a debate was engaged when more than one speaker was involved? I could be wrong by the Democratic interpretation of a debate-to that party it must mean we will push through our agenda through the Charter revision process, force them to accept our changes, strip the Mayor of one of his most important checks and balances powers (the veto, appointments and the like). And we will do it without the Democratic party even running a candidate for Mayor this election. Maybe with the time spent on Charter Revision they could have spent trying to actually field a candidate for Mayor. But there are separate rules for the Democratic party especially here in Wallingford.
I urge Wallingford voters to keep our current government strong and vote against Charter Revision next week.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michael Brooder for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Michael Brooder to the Wallingford Board of Education. Michael has a child in Rock Hill School and is active in our community. He also believes in a strong educational curriculum which address our economy's needs.
From the website
“As a father of a Rock Hill School student, I understand the need for a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for the 21st century. I firmly believe we must create a learning environment that assures educational opportunities for our students. I have been a longtime supporter of quality education. Drawing from my experience as a Certified Public Accountant and current community involvement, I will focus on fiscal responsibility and leadership for educational excellence for Wallingford.

“I look forward to serving the youth of Wallingford, their parents and the town’s citizens and take on this opportunity with vigor and enthusiasm. I am eager to take on this challenge and confident that with hard work and determination I can make a difference.”
I urge you to vote for Michael Brooder for Wallingford Board of Education.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rod Varney for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Rod Varney to the Wallingford Board of Education. Rod greatly impressed me with his views for Wallingford education especially since he has children in our schools in town.
From the website
"As a parent, my children’s education is of the utmost importance. Like all parents, we strive to give our children the best opportunities for a prosperus, healthy and happy future.

As a resident of Wallingford , my community is of great importance too. Wallingford is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, with an outstanding school system and a sound local government, Wallingford is a town we can all be proud of.

Though we have some challenges ahead in Board of Education, such as compliance with the No Child Left Behind law, budgetary and contract issue and keeping our schools a safe and healthy environment, I feel I can be an important part in such decision making.

If elected, it is my hope that with my fellow board members, we can make the Wallingford school system a shining example in this great state. "
I urge Wallingford voters to vote for Republican Rod Varney for Board of Education.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don Cornwall for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Don Cornwall to the Wallingford Board of Education. In discussions with Don I was impressed with his knowledge, experience and economic views for Wallingford education. Don has an extensive background in private industry which I feel will help his role on the Board.
From the website
I am seeking a position on the Board of Education because I have a strong desire to serve our community. I believe that being a husband and a dad to our two sons, as well as my skills and experiences as a business leader will assist me in the challenges and decision making of this position.
As an engineering graduate, I support a strong education. Throughout my career I’ve supported science and technology programs. I have worked through my employer to provide funding for the local high school’s participation in the US FIRST robotic competition and I sat on the board for the ‘Project Lead the Way’ program gaining certification for this rigorous curriculum which prepares students for a higher education in science and technology.

As a business leader, my responsibilities are global. My travel around the world has developed my understanding of the environment in which our children must be prepared to participate. I have been trained and practice the business principles of 6 sigma, a process with emphasis on continuous improvement and lean principles that drive efficiencies. Both of these of these concepts enable me to analyze situations and understand the real issues to provide effective solutions.

I stand for:
Continuous Academic improvements for All Students
I will work to monitor curriculum and ensure that it challenges and motivates our students to prepare them for the 21st century. I will strive to provide a learning environment to effectively teach our students throughout the entire school system.

Safety in Our Schools
I believe every child is entitled to a quality education in a safe and comfortable learning environment. I promote a zero-tolerance policy concerning drugs, alcohol, and violence in our schools.

Clear and Accountable Spending Policies
I will work to provide a quality education for our children while remaining sensitive to the economic climate. I will seek opportunities to save money, while exploring unique ways to generate revenue to assist our budget.

I urge Wallingford voters to elect Republican Don Cornwall to the Board of Education.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Joe Marrone for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Joe Marrone to the Wallingford Board of Education. I recently met Joe at the Taste of Wallingford and was impressed with his knowledge, youth and views for Wallingford's role in the future of education. Joe has been a lifelong resident of Wallingford, graduating from Sheehan High School in 1995.
From the website
“My wife and I chose to live here as we couldn’t think of a better place to raise our family. In these tough economic times, we need to make sure that our kids get a great education and the taxpayers get a great value for their tax dollars.”
I urge Wallingford voters to elect Republican Joe Marrone to the Board of Education.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yet Another Socialistic Health Care Bill

Yes, yet another socialistic health care bill is getting closer to reality. We as taxpayers do not know what is in it but like everything else in this administration if we do not pass it immediately and implement it when another administration comes into office, our country will fall apart. Just the the economic pork stimulus bill, just like cap and trade, just like turning your back on your allies and embracing your enemies. Yes just like all of that.
We are now closer to real pain and suffering, real illness and most importantly massive tax increases that our economy can not afford. No, all of these pet issues are much more important than the current dismantling of our free market, capitalistic economic system. It is also much more important than free market job creation for our economy.
Thus we will continue to see poor and inept leadership along with massive national debt, excessive taxation and a socialistic health care system. Wow, I am getting sick already, is it 2010 yet?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vincent Cervoni For Wallingford Town Council

Another strong candidate that the Wallingford Republican party is running for Town Council this election is Vincent Cervoni. He is in favor of low taxes and continued economic growth for Wallingford. He is in favor of tax incentives to help bring more small businesses to Wallingford. In my opinion Cervoni would an excellent addition to the Town Council for the taxpayers of Wallingford.

Taken from the Wallingford GOP website,
“I have made my home in Wallingford for fifteen years and am proud to be a resident of this Town. I believe that the quality of life for Wallingford residents is terrific in light of the variety of services and opportunities available to residents. I have enjoyed public service and my prior experience in municipal government. I would enjoy the opportunity to utilize my municipal and leadership experience to represent the residents of Wallingford on the Town Council.”
You can find more information at his website
Mr. Cervoni has my vote this November.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Unrealistic Baucus Plan

Another socialistic health plan. What is another $829 billion dollars spent? It supposedly saves $81 billion dollars. How, if you spending $829 billion dollars and raising taxes by about $313 billion dollars? Those using Medicare advantage will see a massive cut in their policies as spending for that will be cut by over $117 billion dollars. Thus senior citizens will have cuts in their health care, do not be fooled by the new rhetoric coming out of this plan. Immediacy is not realistic as this plan will take over 10 years to implement (like the failed economic stimulus plan, no results, high debt). Thus why the rush? Why the waste of taxpayers monies? Why in the face of taxpayer opposition must we accept a bad law and costly mandate? All for the socialist and failed economic policies of the Obama administration.
Obamacare and Baucuscare will help bankrupt our country and make America sick. All in the spirit of socialistic change. They are other healthy alternatives to this medical debacle.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Craig Fishbein for Wallingford Town Council

Another strong candidate that the Wallingford Republican party is running for Town Council this election is Craig Fishbein. I admire his views especially on limited government and his disgust with the Charter Revision debacle (please vote no also for charter revision). He is articulate and in my opinion would be an excellent representative for the taxpayers of Wallingford.

Taken from the Wallingford GOP website,, “I am a candidate for Town Council because I believe in limited government; a government based on providing essential services rather than excessive, intrusive regulation. People do not work for the benefit of government, but rather, it is the government that works for the benefit of the people. That is what we have in Wallingford, and we need leadership on the Town Council to retain that philosophy into the future.”
If you go to you will find more information about our future Town Councilor Craig Fishbein.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tom Laffin for Wallingford Town Council

I like Tom Laffin. I am going to vote for him as one of my votes for Wallingford Town Council. Tom currently is on the Wallingford Board of Education serving his second term. He is articulate when it comes to issues that have come before him at the Board of Education. He is a life long resident of Wallingford and to me is greatly qualified to serve our community with his education and business experience.
This was taken from the website
“In my various dealings, I often meet people critical of the handling of one issue or another, on all levels of government. In these discussions, I am compelled to ask them “So? So what are you gong to do about it?’ And I ask myself the same question whenever I have a complaint about one issue or another.

“This is what I am doing about it. To address my issues and my concerns, I am running for Town Council to be a voice, to participate in the process and to make it better. Our town is a great one and is managed exceptionally well. We need to keep that focus and not let others distract us from what has been done well for so long. We must stay with the basic services of municipal government, performing them efficiently for the benefit of all the residents. And that means avoiding inconsequential projects taken on strictly for the sake of politics. That is my pledge to you”

You can find more information at his website
I know Tom has my vote this November.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Socialized Health Care Still Will Not Work

Socialized health care will still not work. No matter what ridiculously written bills one looks at, I can not see any form of socialized health care working. The simplest plan to help legal citizens obtain health insurance who do not have it is to give them a tax credit for the cost of their insurance. Why is this option so difficult to understand? Why has this administration wasted so much of our tax monies campaigning for their failed plan? What purpose does it actually serve other than force governmental control over our health and contribute to the vastly expanding national debt? Power and control of our lives is the key to the Obama administration.
Socialized health care is a miserable plan. American taxpayers do not want it nor do we wish to insure illegal immigrants in our country. Congress and this administrations' lack of response to those taxpayers who are vehemently against this plan need to be heard once and for all. The 2010 elections will help vote out of office these failed representatives and senators. And then maybe our elected officials can see that the biggest problem we have in our economy is jobs and the lack of them. It is the economy. Trust me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Coming Economic Storm

Out of the alleys of Hartford, the coming economic storm is brewing. Excessive debt, high taxes and non productivity is entrapping Connecticut. It is like a cancer spreading its tumors through all aspects of our society, communities and economy. It is the result of years of excessive and out-of-control spending coupled with high taxes, high workers compensation costs, high transportation costs and a corrupted politcial heirarchy. Its unfunded mandates and high long term debt only continues the waves of the economic storm. We have no captain or leader trying to ride out the storm but just a bunch of egotistical, self promoting and economicaly illiterate politicians swimming further into the storm only to drown in their own neglect.
The coming economic storm is fast approaching. A do-nothing legislature has helped to create and nuture it to its own political adavantage. Connecticut will continue to decline economically until we see actually leadership in Hartford. Can the storm end in November 2010?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Behind The Scenes Raise Your Fees Assembly

Connecticut Democrats never cease to amaze me in their unethical dealings with taxpayers. The latest is the the behind the scenes, behind close doors, 2am raising all of our licenses and fees especially for driving. The Democrats who are obviously clueless to the current negative economic conditions in our state will raise $60 million more in these fees to help continue to fuel their unlimited and unchecked and out-of-control spending. Governor Rell has every right to veto this as she should have vetoed the final budget. I thought everything was finished but Democrats have had to waste more taxpayers monies by calling two special sessions already. They only have a year to get their act together but still can not figure anything out as of 9/25. It is a sham of leadership.
The waste of taxpayers monies will mercifully come to an end when we elect a new Governor and General Assembly in 2010. And hopefully the Democrats will become a minority party here for years to come. They are incompetent to lead.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Connecticut's Dead Economy

For all intents and purposes, Connecticut's economy is dead. It has died a long and painful death, led by the misery created by the long line of liberal Democratic leaders who have heaped tax upon tax, law upon law, rule upon rule on business and industry in our state. State unemployment will take another jolt with Pratt moving a large portion of its operations out of state. They are moving out of state because it is cheaper to do business in many other states in our country. It is no longer profitable to do business in Connecticut with excessive taxes, excessive laws, excessive workers compensation costs and excessive transportation costs. The blame lies directly with the Connecticut Democratic party. Their liberalism has failed our economy miserably and they still do not understand the consequences of their actions. No, they continue to embrace high taxes, excessive laws and regulations and failed social policies. They are the cause of our demise not the business and industry that support these inept and economically illiterate leaders. Eventually the shell that is called our economy will be no more and these Democratic leaders will be forced to pawn their spoils.
Connecticut needs the 88% program. Hopefully in 2010 with a new Governor and an entirely new legislature, they will come in with a budget that sets spending at 88% of current levels and starts to create the change that is so vital to help our economy once again by lowering state spending and taxes. If voters choose these same stale legislators, you might as well put up a for sale sign and move...I know many will especially businesses.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What About The Economy?

Yes, what about the economy? Or better yet how does an economy pay for socialized health care, a failed economic stimulus, a supposed carbon tax cap and trade and other numerous socialistic programs being promoted by the Obama Administration.
I am curious, how are we as an economy going to pay for all of this? It still has yet to be explained to me nor has it been explained by this administration. Yes, what about the economy?
In my economic opinion, we are on the high road to massive national debt for the long term with all of these negative economic programs which are being forced on taxpayers. Can you explain to me in economic terms how socialized health care will create cost savings in our economy? From everything that I have read I still can see no savings just massive amounts of spending. And at the same time we have massive amounts of unemployment which is not going away any time soon with these programs.
Yes, what about the economy? Maybe some elected official could answer that question. Too bad our leaders are deaf to the economy and to the reality of capitalism.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Wallingford Local Election-Vote No For Charter Revision

It is time. Wallingford's local election is starting to heat up. And I find it amazing that the Democrats could not field a candidate for Mayor, even though you hear their chronic complaints against him. But they had enough time to tinker with Charter revision. It is evident that the Democrats need to strip the Mayor of his most important function. A strong Mayor for Wallingford is essential for our town. It eliminates the need and costs of a town manager and it allows for a strong form of government. Charter revision in my opinion comes down to one point, to let a Democratically led town council to only need six votes to override a Mayor's veto not seven as is currently by law.
Why is that? Because obviously the Democrats feel they will hold the Council and hopefully expand to six seats and if charter revision passes they will be in complete control of our government. It is ironic that they have spent years hoping to unseat Bill Dickinson and now want to strip him of his power through a back room maneuver. They did not even allow the Mayor to appoint two people to the Charter Revision Commission as was done in the past. Unbelievable. And then deny that it was not politically motivated.
Wallingford is a wonderful community, strong, vibrant, great schools and low taxes. It has a lot to do with a strong, non egotistical, humble Mayor who runs the town. I know my family and I will vote against Charter Revision and I urge my readers to do so also.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out Of Control Spending

Do you spend too much money? Do you have a great deal of debt? Or because of the economic conditions have you and your family cut back in your personal spending and consumption?
Our government has not cut back especially at the Federal and State levels. No spending has increased dramatically, almost to a point of no return with massive borrowing and unfunded liabilities. In my economic opinion, our long term debt created by government has reached a point of no return. How is it going to paid back? And I no longer accept the answer that the debt is owed by our country because it is not. It is owed by many foreign countries and it becomes even more alarming that there is absolutely no long term plan for lessening the debt.
With government at a Federal and State level that has become self serving, non ethical and non law abiding, taxpayers have had enough. The Tea Party movement is the second coming of a revolt against taxation without representation. We have taxation without representation in both Washington and Hartford in 2009.
Government is out of control with its spending. And taxpayers have had enough.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Still Do Not Want Socialized Health Care

Nor we do taxpayers understand what any proposal in Congress means to us as even Congress does not understand it either. The speech that said nothing a few nights ago by the President adds only more mistrust and confusion to our country and economy. In my economic opinion, it would be cheaper for the Federal government to pay insurance companies to insure the 30 million, or the 46 million or the 17,000 a day uninsured in our country (depending on what speech, report and or politician who you hear/read about). Government can not develop a health care program without raising taxes, increasing the national debt, rationing care and creating a bureaucracy.
Our elected officials need to hear what taxpayers are saying. We can not afford this socialized health care program you want, we do not want our health insurance to be taken away from us, we do not want new and higher taxes to pay for it, and we do not want to be dictated to by Government about health care. It is not a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.
The most critical issue we are facing in 2009 is the economy. It is laughable watching this administration's ineptness in dealing with the economy and all of its related issues by trying to create failed socialism. We as taxpayers do not want socialized health care-no amount of speeches will change our minds.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Speech That Does Not Say Anything New-Still Socialized Health Care

It was the speech that has not said anything new. No new statistics, same old promises, same old rhetoric. No the President's speech introduced nothing new tonight. He still has not answered the basic question of who is going to pay for this and how it is not going to add to the national debt. There is currently no law that was written which actually states what the President supposedly will create in his socialized health insurance plan.
We as a nation are skeptical of a do nothing, corrupt Congress who is advancing against taxpayer's wishes a socialized health care plan. Mr. Obamas speech tonight has done nothing to reassure an overtaxed American public that we will not see higher taxes and more governmental waste from a failed socialized health care plan. Maybe someone in Washington could remember that we are still a free market system and our free market system can resolve this Washington created health care crisis.

Again More Nationalized Health Care

Another speech and again we will hear tonight about more nationalized health care. Nationalized health care which will not take effect until 2013. After the next Presidential election. I have to compliment this administration in that they are always thinking ahead. Always thinking ahead of how many campaign promises they have broken and how deeply in debt they can get our government in.
And tonight in the President's speech we will hear promises that will never be delivered, we will hear more debt induced governmental spending, we will hear more socialization of our economy and lastly we will hear more health care rhetoric of no substance.
The real crisis in our economy is not health care. No our health care system saves many lives and is technologically advanced. Our real crisis in 9/09/09 is governmental out of control spending and job losses in our economy. Socialists understand the more smoke screens you feed the public, the more likely your agenda will pass. Socialism will again die in our country beginning in 2010. Hopefully nationalized health care will die a painful death over that time period also.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Debt

Today is Labor Day. And today we have an enormous amount of debt. Thus our labor for many, many more years and the labor of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and for those who have yet to be born will continue to pay for our country's and state's debt. Because of excessive governmental spending, American's productive labor will be taxed at all time high rates to help fuel this debacle. Government at all levels does not have the ability to live within its means like the American family must. As can be seen by the horrific Connecticut do nothing budget which has massive debt and borrowing along with higher taxes, our labor will continue to become unproductive as it continues to be taxed more. The same can be viewed at the Federal level with a climbing $11 trillion dollar national debt. My question to our elite, economically illeterate politicians is how are we going to pay all of this debt back? At what cost to our economy? And why must you spend so much?
We need fiscal repsonsibility at all levels of government. Politically and economically, 2010 can not happen soon enough.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Please Don't Waste My Taxes Playing Solitaire

Cards are fun, can I play mine while I work? Yes of course you can, we as a super majority can do whatever we please whenever we want...
But then again if your are the Democratic Super majority you can do anything you want such as raise spending another $1.5 billion dollars and raise taxes as high as you want.
Maybe we should start to send playing cards to our state legislators. Maybe we should stop paying taxes to support this mockery of our democracy. I truly am sickened by the now famous photo of what really happens in the Connecticut State Legislature.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1 and Connnecticut Still Spends Too Much

Yes it is September 1 and Connecticut still spends too much. Way too much. According to a recent state report,
Connecticut general budget expenditures have increased by 283.7% since 1987. This figure is vastly more than the rate of inflation. Taxes obviously have gone up just as dramatically also. The graver issue which is lost by the Connecticut Democrat super majority is that income levels have only increased by 172.7% over the same period. Thus state spending has increased by a whopping 111% over state income levels. This is a reason why you have so much long term debt in Connecticut with little ability to create economic growth which is essential for our state's survival.
It is too bad this is all lost by our elected officials who are economically illiterate in my opinion. By continuing to raise state spending to unsustainable levels and to continue to raise taxes to unsustainable levels you have the recipe for economic ruin. Our elected officials in Hartford are doing a great job leading us to economic ruin and helping to move our citizens and businesses to other states.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Politicians Should Held Liable For Their Actions

Simply put, politicians should be held liable for their actions. No excuses. For the housing debacle they need to held responsible for their poor judgement and misguided policies. They cost our economy enormously. For their poor judgement regarding economic stimulus that do not work. They cost our economy enormously. For their pronounced, socialistic health care plan that they are trying to ram down our throats. They will cost our economy and take away our personal freedoms. America last that I understood was not a socialistic country, nor were we serfs in a serfdom. We are a free capitalistic system in a democracy ruled by elected officials who are supposedly representing their constituents.
What we have is a government in a self created turmoil whose only concern is the elected officials personal and economic self interest. Yes, the time has come to hold politicians liable for their actions. They will not be able to hide in 2010.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Connecticut Needs A New Government

It is obvious Connecticut needs a new government. Hartford and its leadership is failing miserably in their attempt to govern our state. Taxpayers and businesses are held in total disregard by the Democratic super majority. The Democratic solution to every problem in Hartford is to raise taxes whether or not it further erodes the states economy. Whether or not it forces more people to move out of state or sends businesses out of state. Whether or not it takes into account the massive amount of unfunded pension liabilities it needs to deal with for the future.
It becomes more obvious each day passing of no new budget that the Democratic super majority and in particular Mr. Donovan's public relations gimmicks are ill equipped to govern our state. Their only concern is their self preservation of their political power. Political influence is long gone with the Democratic super majority as more people will move out of state and more businesses abandon a hostile state to try to do business in. I know I have had enough and many others have also. 2010 will be the end of the Democratic super majority in Hartford. They are unfit to govern.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Socialized Health Care Debacle Continues

And on it goes, the socialized health care debacle. Taxes and cost savings do not logically follow in economics. Nor do they follow in any way in the socialized health care debacle. How will the government pay for this new socialized health care plan? The only way possible is through higher taxes. Higher payroll taxes, higher personal income taxes (although Congress will exempt themselves from it) and the rationing of care due to its cost (yes some will live and other will die due to the economic structure of the plan in its current form). Thus with our economy already in a massive recession, we are going to raise taxes yet again and create even more economic stagnation along with a poor and sickly health care system. The burden that this socialized health care system will place on our economy, gross domestic product and the national debt will be felt for generations to come. All of this because a small minority in our economy do not have health insurance, all of this because liberals wish to insure illegal immigrants in our country and all of this because instead of worrying about realistic new job formation in our economy through the private sector, this administration needs to show the American public their disregard for basic economics.
As I have stated before this socialized health care plan will help to make America more sick. And also will raise your taxes and help to create more unemployment. What a waste...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Health Care Debate Continues

And the current House bills are poor at best and will only make America more sick. Two points which I feel are needed in this debate should be looked at in economic terms. As taxpayers continue to view the excessive amount of federal spending for many "stimulus" program they see the same waste of their monies for a socialized health care plan.
The first area that seems to be lost in this debate is to expand high deductible health insurance so that people who wish to purchase this plan are able to do so. This would provide a safety net for those who just wish to have a basic plan. In conjunction with this there needs to be an expansion not contraction to health savings accounts (HSA). These health savings accounts may provide great incentives for those who wish to manage their health care and will actually lower health care costs for the future due to incentives to stay healthy (although this is misleading as government thrives on collecting sin taxes of all sorts such as tobacco and alcohol).
The second area that needs expansion is the dropping of all boundaries for health insurance companies to sell their plans throughout our country. Health insurance needs to portable. What has been created by governmental bureaucrats is a mess of tangled laws and webs which ultimately hurt the health insurance consumer not help them. These laws need to be repealed immediately. The more competition in health insurance the lower premiums become.
Mr. Obama got it right when he stated that companies like Fed Ex and UPS do a better job than the post office. And he would get it right if he left his socialized health care plan off the table. There are numerous private market solutions to this administrations manufactured crisis which will not bankrupt our country.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Economic Stimulation In Connecticut?

What is that? Economic stimulation in Connecticut. I see that Connecticut taxpayers get their bone thrown at them this coming week when they do not have to pay sales tax on clothes purchases. By doing this our Legislature feels they are making up for the remaining 51 weeks in the year that they are grossly overtaxing both businesses and individual taxpayers in our state. Economic stimulation could occur in our economy if our Democratic super majority actually cut state spending and cut taxes. By cutting taxes more monies are allowed to flow through our economy and the ultimate net result is greater tax revenues. Higher taxes create economic stagnation and result in lower tax revenues in the state. However this falls on the deaf ears of the Democratic super majority as their only concern is to satisfy their own self interest and inflated egos. In my economic opinion it will be many years before Connecticut recovers from this economic recession we have. We need to start new in Connecticut. New state budgets with low spending along with a slashing of taxes. Then and only then would our state start to move forward and be once again a vibrant economically growing economy. Economic stimulation will never occur with the economically illiterate politicians that we have who are in charge and ruining Connecticut.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Again Economic Confusion From A Poor Health Care Plan, Pages 197-198

Again economic confusion reigns for our current administration. There has been over $13 trillion dollars worth of wealth lost in our economy since 2008. Now with that amount of wealth lost, our current administration wishes to tax those remaining working and those who are apparently incredibly wealthy earning $350,000 a year or more to help finance a miserably conceived health care plan. Yes your taxes are going to increase dramatically for this socialized health care plan. Here is just one section raising taxes found on pages 197-198 (There are many others)
(a) GENERAL RULE.—In the case of a taxpayer other than a corporation, there is hereby imposed (in addition to any other tax imposed by this subtitle) a tax equal to—
(1) 1 percent of so much of the modified adjusted gross income of the taxpayer as exceeds $350,000 but does not exceed $500,000,
(2) 1.5 percent of so much of the modified adjusted gross income of the taxpayer as exceeds $500,000 but does not exceed $1,000,000, and
(3) 5.4 percent of so much of the modified adjusted gross income of the taxpayer as exceeds $1,000,000.
And this does include all of the new payroll taxes, surtaxes and penalty taxes to help pay for this sickening plan.
And at the same time please remember that Congress has exempted themselves from this plan. Thus those who create economic growth in our economy will be penalized for it. They will be forced to pay an even higher amount of taxes to the point that this group of taxpayers will be bearing almost the entire burden of taxation with relationship to lower income groups. And this administration seeks also to place caps on pay scales which will only further burden those who are prosperous and risk taking in our economy. Economically, the damage from this socialized health care plan will be felt through economic stagnation, excessively high taxes and another grave loss of jobs.
As I have stated before this socialized health care plan will make America sick.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Is It Unpatriotic To Disagree About Socialized Medicine?

Again why is it unpatriotic to disagree about socialized health care? Since when did we lose our freedom of speech in our country? Why can't we disagree about a 1000+page socialized medicine bill that Congress and Administration are ignorant about nor have not even read? Why must we pay for socialized medicine for those who are here in our country illegally? How are we going to pay for this far reaching and freedom grabbing socialized health care plan besides raising taxes and the national debt? What right does the Federal government have to decide who can live and who can die? What right does the Federal government have to tell parents how to raise their children? What right does the Federal government have to nationalize our insurance companies?
I can only see harm to our health and harm to our economy financially from this socialized health care plan which was thrown together by Congress. It is a bad plan which will ultimately lead to bad results in our economy. America is against socialized health care and will prevail in this fight. This plan makes America sick.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Budget, Not Now, Not Never

It is my budget and I will do what I want with it. Why would anyone think of cutting state spending and actually reduce the budget deficit without raising taxes? After all in your personal budgets if you do have money for something you must either save it or do without. The state Democrats can never do without. There is no need for that as they are above any budget, above any new or greater tax and most importantly above any type of fiscal restraint. Thus our new budget if and when it ever passes will be more of the same; excessively high spending along with excessively high taxes. The final result will again be Connecticut will be one of the last states to get out of the recession, again have an exodus of people and businesses leave the state and have a welfare mentality, Democratic socialist state remaining.
I hope Mr. Donovan and the rest of his leadership are proud of their spoils, their high taxes, their negative business environment and their wasted state they created.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Where Again Are The New Jobs?

I am lost, where are the new jobs in our economy coming from? I am supposed to believe that the recession is ending since only 275,000 lost their jobs last month not 500,000.
Therefore, where are all of the new jobs coming from in our economy? Or more realistically, how many unemployed people are now not collecting unemployment since their new extended benefits have run out? In my estimate there is an unemployment rate of closer to 16% rather than the approximate 9.4% that is being offered by the government.
And how do we create new jobs in our economy to get these people back to work. It is simple, lower taxes on all private businesses, eliminate the tax on dividends, capital gains and interest and place caps on workers compensation costs and benefits. Government through its recent give away stimulus program has done nothing to create new jobs in our economy. The recession is continuing and for those who are unemployed it will be a long, long road to get a job again due to the anti business administrations that are in Washington and Hartford today. The recession continues on and on. Do not be fooled.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Are You Satisfied With Your Health Insurance? I Am.

I am. I am satisfied with the ability to choose through my employers what type of health care plan that I want. I am satisfied that with what I pay for the plan and the different coverages that I receive. I am also healthy. I prefer taking care of myself and am not dependent upon drugs for my well being. I believe in a healthy life style which will help me maintain my good health. You see I can do all of this without the Federal Government rationing my health care coverage. I can take responsibility for my actions and stay healthy without a governmental, inefficient, bureaucrat dictating to me what coverage I can or can not have. Or whether I should be kept alive or be forced to die according to their plans. Health care is not broken in our society much to the dismay of liberals. These same liberals who exempt themselves from the health care plan they are trying to ram down our throats. The majority of Americans and taxpayers do not want socialized health care. The lies we are being fed are ridiculous. Again say no to nationalized health care. A bad plan at a bad time in our economy.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

What Jobs? What Businesses Left?

Here is the overall issue, one is not working and no or little income coming into the home budget. Here in Connecticut the maximum unemployment rate one can receive is $519 a week. Many individuals get that much and as such many employers here in the state, have seen their unemployment tax skyrocket. Thus if you divide 40 hours into $519., you are getting almost $13 an hour for not working for 75 weeks. What incentives does one have to take a job at a lower rate than that? Thus many will take the unemployment for 75 weeks and not worry about it. Why would you take a job for $9 a hour when you can get $13 for not doing anything? How can Connecticut businesses continue to pay a high unemployment tax along with now new corporate tax surcharges and still remain competitive in our economy?
Here in Connecticut the private sector should be referred to as the political sector. We have a bunch of politicians whose only concern is to get reelected with out any type of economic consequence for their miserable and misguided taxes and excessive spending of taxpayers monies. Here is just another example of their economic illiteracy.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Folly Of Profit Or All Profit Is Bad And Lie With Statistics.

Give it to them. Yeah give it to them. President Obama states in a 7/22/09 press conference "(Health) insurance companies making record profits, right now. At a time when everybody's getting hammered, they're making record profits, and premiums are going up." I have recently read reports that Aetna (who last I knew was a health insurance company) had a 28% drop in profits this past quarter. They have had higher than expected medical claims - probably due to the fear that the public has that their medical coverage will be ruined with the current Obamacare plan (thus they running to get things done) that is being pushed onto the public against their will. How can you state that there is record profits in the industry at this time?
I recently wrote to Congressperson DeLauro expressing my disgust with Obamacare. Part of her canned email response: "Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing your views on this important issue.
Even for those with coverage, surging health care costs are eating up more and more of the family budget. In the last eight years, the average family premium in Connecticut has gone up 87 percent. That is the cost of doing nothing.
Before the recession, there were 46 million people with no health coverage in the U.S.-326,000 in Connecticut. Now, an estimated 14,000 people nationwide lose coverage every day. In these difficult times, even people who once felt secure are now worried about losing coverage or being unable to afford the care they need. And those who do have coverage are paying more each year for fewer and fewer benefits."

Thus if 46 million are supposedly without coverage then 280 million Americans have coverage of some sort. Or 84% of the country has health coverage and 16% does not. In our state it amounts to less than 8% of the population. Where are the 14,000 who are losing coverage daily? What is the source? What benefits have been cut and from what policies? Does Obamacare limit what lawyers can sue in a malpractice suit which has driven our medical costs through the roof rather than Doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies?
I continue to be skeptical of the socialized health care and vehemently oppose it. We are being fed lies by a Congress and Administration which has conveniently exempted themselves from this plan. Enough is enough. Just say no to this bill and nationalized health care.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Say No To Government Run Health Care - Congress Does Not Want It Either

We can all say no to Obamacare, to nationalized, socialized, bureaucratic health care. Congress has already by exempting themselves from it in their bill. So why do we as taxpayers must accept this ill conceived and poor socialistic health care plan? What is the point? This plan will not lower costs, only increase them and increase the national debt. This plan will take away freedom of choice in how you choose both your Doctors and coverage. This plan takes away any element of patient confidentiality as a government czar will have access to your medical records. This plan hinders any type of medical research and medical technology advancements. This plan further increase taxes for anyone who works for a living in our economy. This plan damages businesses by increasing their operating costs to provide health care coverage and will ultimately lead to a loss of jobs. This plan is socialist and goes against everything our country was founded upon.
Yes, we can all say no to this horrible change being forced upon us. Write, call, email your Congressperson today and voice your disgust of this sickening health care plan that they have exempted themselves from.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deal - What Deal? Dodd Does Not Know?

I have to laugh at the debacle of Senator Chris Dodd. New and more damaging information comes out from a Countrywide official that Dodd knew he was getting a sweetheart mortgage deal. Yes he knew according this official. Immediately going further into crisis mode, the Dodd camp continues to deny knowing anything.
Are you really going to believe that? Are taxpayers and voters in Connecticut that stupid that the head of the Senate Banking Committee did not know he was getting a special friends deal? Is he that ignorant of the facts? If he is that ignorant how can he be functioning as our Senator? And as head of the Senate Banking Committee? I can see how Dodd has help to erode our economy in his position.
This debacle has gone on long enough. Why are taxpayers still supporting Dodd? Why is he still our Senator? Why is there no investigation going on here in Connecticut by our public officials who supposedly guard us from these issues (i.e., Attorney Generals Office)? Why not a recall election this year so he can be voted out of office instead of 2010?
Ethics is lacking in Washington, Chris Dodd's actions speak for this. It is time for Dodd to resign.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

And The Debate Rages On And On

And the debate rages on and on, it never seems to end. What more can government give to its people? How much more in new taxes can we charge taxpayers before they give up working? And the debate rages on and on. It is comical to read about Connecticut's budget debacle. They are no closer to resolving lowering spending along with no new taxes than they were in January. But hey who cares? Certainly not the Democratic super majority. They have other things to worry about, like showing the voting public everything they have done for them. Huh?
Equally comically is the debacle in Washington where we see Chris Dodd everywhere again (I guess the thought of losing his power is freighting to him and his family), a debacle of a health care bill which in my opinion economically will bankrupt our country and last but not least a cap and trade bill which should a boom for Al Gore and his new company.
And the debate rages with a new Congress being elected in 2010 and hopefully actual representation for those who work for a living coming into being again. Hopefully the Dodds, the Schumers, the Franks will all be gone in 2010 and we can see change occur once again. Hope is on the horizon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Economic Depression = Nationalized Health Care

Sorry Larry Summers, economic depression equals nationalized health care. You can Google it if you want. I will try it. Keep spinning a $20 trillion dollar national debt that your administration is creating through a failed economic stimulus package. Throw in a massive tax increase during your economic depression to pay for a miserably conceived, irrational, nationalized health care package (in a bill that again will not be read by those in Congress voting on it). You have an economic depression. It is your administration's making due to reckless, out of control spending and tax increases.
Liberals and especially liberal economists just do not understand that by throwing money at everything along with higher taxes does not solve anything economically. It did not solve the FDR depression nor did the LBJ Great Society social welfare spending program solve anything. Three economic programs by this administration, the stimulus that is not working, cap and trade which will raise taxes and benefit Al Gore's new company and a horrific health care program which will ultimately lead to rationing of health care will help us to national economic ruin.
The free markets need to exist in order for our economy to get moving again. Poorly managed companies like GM and AIG needed to go bankrupt and the self correcting mechanisms of capitalism needed to be operating. Lowering taxes will do more to get people back to work than meaningless, taxpayer funded, work programs.
Sorry in my economics text economic depression does equal nationalized health care.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Does An Administration Misread The Economy?

How does an administration misread the economy? I am curious by the statement made by the Vice President. After all I thought the media glorified all of the economic advisors picked by this administration especially the Treasury Secretary (who obviously can not be bothered by paying taxes). I thought that according to the administration, the massive, unread stimulus package was supposed to create $1.50 in economic growth for each $1 spent. Anyone taking my basic economic classes would understand that this is not possible economically. Government at any level does not create economic growth nor does it create jobs which are economical to the taxpayer.
Taxpayers may now see the economic stimulus bill as what it really was, a way to create political leverage, payouts and pork along with a massive increase in the national debt. And with a net result of no new jobs, little if any economic growth and massive increases in taxes for the long run. The private sector is much better suited to create jobs not a massive pork stimulus bill. Again I ask, how does an administration misread the economy?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Will Jobs Be Created In Our Economy?

I wonder, how will jobs be created in our economy in the future? I wonder what industries will be able to overcome massive governmental intervention in the future and be able to create jobs? I wonder why we have this massive amount of liberal, socialistic intervention in our economy over the past six months and see absolutely no improvement in our economy especially when it comes to jobs?
Economic lies are being spun in my economic opinion. Our federal government can not spend its way out of our current recession nor can it create jobs, nor can monies trickle up in our economy. A wiser economic stimulus package could have been to lower tax rates, eliminate the tax on dividends, interest and capital gains and to really cut governmental spending. In our current recession millions of taxpayers are forced to cut their spending, thus why can not government at all levels cut theirs?
Again I ask the question, how will jobs be created in our economy in the future? They will not be created with excessive taxes, excessive costs for energy, a socialistic health care plan and a $15 trillion dollar national debt. Our current Administration along with our current Congress are truly economically lost except for their own personal financial gain that they are able to manipulate on the backs of taxpayers.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Sensible Connecticut Budget

Can there be a sensible Connecticut budget that does not include raising taxes and forcing more business and industry to move out of our state? I do not know the answer to this issue. I do know that taxpayers in Connecticut have had enough of the smoke screens thrown by the super majority Democrats in Hartford. It becomes boring each and every fiscal year to hear the same stale arguments that no spending can be cut, but only taxes can be raised in order to keep up our fiscal irresponsibility as a government.
If anything, the Democrats could have taken a leadership role by atcually cutting spending and cutting taxes in order to stimulate the economy. They choose only to continue to stimulate their political self interest and self gain abiding by no set of ethics or reagrd for the people they supposidly represent. Sadly, we will have a misguided budget with high taxes and misplaced priorities. Another non sensible budget. How boring.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July and Thank you

Happy 4th of July-
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Thank you to the following 56 brave men who helped to secure our freedom:
God Bless America.

Button Gwinnett
Lyman Hall
George Walton
William Hooper
Joseph Hewes
John Penn
Edward Rutledge
Thomas Heyward, Jr.
Thomas Lynch, Jr.
Arthur Middleton
John Hancock
Samuel Chase
William Paca
Thomas Stone
Charles Carroll
George Wythe
Richard Henry Lee
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Harrison
Thomas Nelson, Jr.
Francis Lightfoot Lee
Carter Braxton
Robert Morris
Benjamin Rush
Benjamin Franklin
John Morton
George Clymer
James Smith
George Taylor
James Wilson
George Ross
Caesar Rodney
George Read
Thomas McKean
William Floyd
Philip Livingston
Francis Lewis
Lewis Morris
Richard Stockton
John Witherspoon
Francis Hopkinson
John Hart
Josiah Bartlett
William Whipple
Samuel Adams
John Adams
Robert Treat Paine
Elbridge Gerry
Stephen Hopkins
William Ellery
Roger Sherman
Samuel Huntington
William Williams
Oliver Wolcott
Matthew Thornton

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Do We Legislate?

How do we develop and pass laws in Washington? How are we as taxpayers able to see what we are paying for? How does legislation have value when those who are voting for it, do not even read the law in its entirety? Why does this pass as good government or government by the people? Why do we as taxpayers tolerate this nonsense?
Just look at the stimulus bill, nationalized health care plan and the supposed global warming bill. These three laws will in essence bankrupt our country economically. And all three bills were never read by most of the elected officials who voted on them. Why? Why did they pass? What is the value to our economy?
The United States Congress has become a non productive, wasteful, unethical and totalitarian governing body. It passes laws which they exempt themselves from. They cater to lobbying groups and their monies thrown at them to buy their votes. They can not and do not legislate any more.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Delusions of the Democrat State Senate Budget

Delusions of grandeur. That is what the 24th hour, no one can read it, nor could afford it, Connecticut Democrat Senate budget is. Again thinking out of the box supposedly, Connecticut Senate Democrats can't wait to make the income tax even more of a progressive tax to penalize those taxpayers who wish to work hard and be successful. Higher taxes on those who are successful can continue to support the Democratic dependent welfare state, that is encouraged by these out of touch with economic reality liberals, who rule our state. Higher income taxes will continue to drive more successful businesses and individuals out of our state, furthering the excessive tax burden that others must pay.
There is a simple solution to the budget crisis which was created by Connecticut Democrats. Cut spending once and for all. We in the private sector must do it. We as a family must do it. And now it is time for the state to do it. Yes, delusions of grandeur coupled with political ineptness, that is the state budget.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

High Taxes = Connecticut's Democrats Solution

High taxes are traditionally Connecticut's Democrats solution to any any type of budgetary problem. Along with increased spending and with the typical public relations theme of how cuts in the budget hurt everyone (except for the remaining taxpayers in the state who have to continue to pay for the higher taxes)we hear the same stale arguments. First, higher spending and increased taxes have done nothing to improve our living conditions in our state. If anything both our standard of living and quality of life continues to erode in our state. Secondly, higher taxes especially on businesses will continue to force businesses to move out of state, since the costs of workers compensation, transportation, local taxes and insurances are excessively high in our state. Lastly, state government has become a tool of the well connected without regard to any rules or laws which govern the rest of us. Examples include the state Marshall system, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Gaffey and Mr. Crisco. None of these three men deserve either their paid political office or their taxpayer financed pensions for their corruption.
Thus July 1 is coming, and all the Democrats in Connecticut can think about is raising taxes higher. What a lack of leadership. What rhetoric. What a waste of a state.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Freedom Will Come To Many Countries

Freedom will eventually come to Iran. As it came to many former communist states, it will come to many other non free countries such as Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Burma and North Korea. Freedom will come due to the overriding humanitarian view that no man has the right to control another man. The elitist dictators that rule these countries will eventually fail and freedom will reign. They can only support their military for so long and can only strip basic economic rights from the people they rule for so long. Whether it is a year or 30, these countries will eventually be free. What we are seeing in Iran with or without the support of the United States shows that their 12th century view of the world is failing and that freedom will be the overriding view for the country. Freedom in which many lives will be lost so as others may enjoy it.

This concept of freedom for whatever reason is lost upon the simplistic liberal view of many in our country today. Liberals for whatever reason hate freedom and its responsibilities, its challenges and its role in the world. Iran will become free. And those other countries that I have mentioned will also become free. Those who have died and are willing to die for that freedom will make sure it happens.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Budget=Runaway Taxes=More People Moving Out Of Connecticut

Higher taxes will drive more businesses and individuals out of Connecticut. And to the Democratic party of Connecticut that is great. It is great because what it leaves in our state is those totally dependent upon the Democratic party of Connecticut. It leaves those people who feel welfare is a given right and should be passed on from generation upon generation. It leaves those who are in our state illegally to enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and free medical care. It leaves the political infrastructure of these same Democrats who hold themselves above the law, like the Dodds, the Gaffeys, the Criscos and the Donovans.
Thus higher taxes economically will help drive more businesses and individuals out of our state. No programs can ever be cut, nor can any programs be reviewed and sought out for more economic efficiencies.
I really thought it was pathetic seeing Mr. Donovan claiming in his recent public relations trip all of the harm proposed budget cuts will do for Meriden. But it is perfectly acceptable that he hires a mouthpiece for over $150,000 a year. Yes, politically that is acceptable since state Democrats have no sense of right or wrong, just political self interest and ego.
Go ahead and raise taxes. Maybe it is time that the remaining taxpayers stop paying those taxes and stop supporting their political lawlessness.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The New Honest Chris Dodd

Honesty is the best policy. And now we see a new come clean, come on I deserve to reelected by a landslide Chris Dodd. Our new and improved honest Senator has disclosed that his deal in Ireland has increased in value-what made it increase in the worse world wide real estate downturn is any one's guess. But that is what makes our new and now honest Senator so great. Even though we still do not have any more information about his sweetheart deals with Countywide mortgage, even though he helped pass the bill to bail them out and even though he was responsible for the financial debacle we are experiencing as head of the Senate Banking committee, he deserves our vote. None of that matters, because in his own mind and in his public relations efforts, we know he is a honest man. We will know all the great things he has done to increase our taxes, raise our interest rates, promote himself and his wife through her sweetheart Board of Directors jobs and help create our financial crisis during his reelection campaign.
Dodd's reward should be his resignation from office immediately for all of his lies. But taxpayers will have to listen for the next year and a half about our "honest" Senator.

Friday, June 12, 2009

National Healthcare-Another Economic Nightmare

Well we have another economic nightmare on the horizon. After a stimulus bill which is adding $12 trillion dollars to the national debt and is doing nothing at all to stimulate the economy, we now have socialized health care on the horizon. Why? In economic terms it will fail miserably. The cost of trying to insure everyone in a massive Medicare type program will fail economically. It will also fail in providing health care for individuals. It will ration health care as doctors leave their profession due to lack of payments, insurance companies will opt out of the system due to profitability, and it will also ration health care especially to elderly people. Senior citizens who use most of our health care will definitely be rationed. If an old person has cancer I am sure treatment will be denied them as to preserve that treatment for someone who is younger. Hip and knee replacements for the elderly will be a thing of the past due to the high costs involved. Prescription drugs will limited for older folks also due to economic costs. In my economic opinion, this program will help to increase our national debt to an unsustainable level, in effect further bankrupting our economy and country while helping to ruin our health care system as we know it today. In all aspects it is a poorly thought and ill conceived socialistic dream which will fail upon implementation. I am also confident that those with the correct ties to the government will get better health care than those stuck in this type of system.
Taxpayers should be expressing their disgust with yet another example of a rushed, ill gotten, poorly designed and costly waste of their hard earned tax monies. Just say no to this type of change which has no hope for our economy, socialized health care.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Illogical Economic Programs

We have on a national level a group of illogical economic programs which are being shoved on our economy which are creating havoc in our economy. The government's irrational trickle up economic stimulus plan is failing miserably. The Obama Administration stress to pass at any cost its first economic stimulus package at roughly a $12 trillion dollar long term debt cost to our economy has proven to be fatal to our economy. Unemployment continues to go up, our long term national debt continues to go up and lastly there continues to be a great lack of consumer confidence in our economy. Taking all three into consideration, Mr. Obama depending on the speech and the time will state that things are turning around and or like today things are really bad. I guess for effect and for drama the economic manipulations by this administration is showing taxpayers how little they know about the economy and how little impact the additional $12 trillion dollars in debt is having supposedly turning our economy around. In simplistic terms we have a created a great deal of national debt and have little to show for it. Thus after almost six months of blaming former President Bush, we can now fully blame this administration for its blatant mishandling of the economy. It has failed completely and it will take years to undo this economic mess.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What Budget? What Do You Mean We Need A Budget?

How pathetic. No budget. The Connecticut Democratic super majority has to now waste more taxpayers monies by calling a special session to try to figure out a budget. I mean they only had four plus months to try to develop a budget which is critical for our state's economy. Then they blame Governor Rell who actually has presented two alternatives to them. But no they can't do it. The Democratic super majority really can't do anything in Hartford. They are powerless, preoccupied with their special interest and pet projects and corrupt members who make a mockery of Connecticut's government. Preoccupied with trivial and meaningless laws and rules eliminating our personal freedoms under the guise of good government. Their form of government is a mockery to the taxpayers of our state who must support their failures. Their failure has been no leadership and to do what is best for the taxpayers of Connecticut. No, the Connecticut Democratic super majority is a useless exercise in self promotion and self interest void of ethics. Haven't you had enough of your tax monies wasted in this manner to support this sham? The Democrats have failed miserably governing Connecticut.
How pathetic. No budget.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Connecticut Legislative Democrats Follow No Law

To me it is true that Connecticut Legislative Democrats have no need to follow any type of law in our state. Laws no longer apply to them. The new slap on the wrist on Senator Crisco for what amounts to forging checks is laughable. Trust me if a private citizen did this, they would be arrested, because surprise it is against the law to forge a check. Whether it is the countless Gaffey illegal doings or now an actual forger, the Connecticut Democrats have once again proven that they are above any law in this state. And the silence from the Attorney Generals office is quite deafening at the same time. Maybe it is time that taxpayers call in Federal intervention to these illegal doings.
We as taxpayers must realize that we have in Hartford a horrific and unethical Democratically controlled Legislature that really needs to be stopped once and for all. They are so out of touch with any reality whether it is the lack of a death penalty to socialized health care, or the ripping of the constitutional power of the Governor's office to appoint a Senator(I am hopeful that Dodd is now being forced out and that is why they came up with the bill).
Governor Rell needs to veto many bills coming up and the remaining Republicans need to filibuster any attempt to override these vetoes. Voters and taxpayers really need to vote these people out of office in 2010. Enough is enough.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is There A Difference In Political Ideology?

Can there be a difference in political ideology? As one tries to understand a concept politically of moderation in the Republican party, I am personally lost as to what former General Colin Powell is trying to tell us. He wishes for Republicans to reach out to a view of moderation yet he does not endorse a Republican moderate such as John McCain who was the Republican candidate for President. He choose to endorse a liberal with no experience who also happened to be a Democrat. He claims he still is a Republican. Why? His views and new founded political ideology seem to be opportunistic and more in line with the Democrats. Thus in my view he is now a Democrat and should be embraced by that party and leave the Republicans.
In theory there can be more than two views represented by both the Democrats and Republicans. Two parties who have the same political ideology create one party rule which we now see in Washington. Mr. Specter proved that point of political opportunism and is a great candidate to be voted out of office.
Republicans in many cases believe in conservative principles such as smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, self sufficiency, small business development, the basic laws of supply and demand which run capitalism, personal wealth formation and most importantly freedom. I personally do not see any of those ideologies embraced by the Democratic party. The Democratic party in America today seems to have a great hatred of our country and is only concerned with an ideology of political self interest and gain by any means. It is an ideology that is skewed and will ultimately lead our country to ruin. The Republican party has the ability to lead our nation to greatness again. The question is will they be ready to lead as they take a new majority in Congress in 2010? With conservative values and principles they can.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Could You Pass A Few More Laws?

Yes, could you pass a few more laws? Could our Connecticut State Legislature just pass yet a few more laws? I become more amazed at the sheer number of laws that we have in Connecticut, many meaningless and in some sort of strange symbolism. Laws which are apparently passed to impress us and see what our part time legislature is capable of doing. Laws are passed each year which continue to exert more and greater control over our lives yet a law has been passed so that we can not end someones life if they have murdered someone else. Thus we have to support this murderer to the day he or she dies. Laws control how and where we drive, how long we can actually keep our motor running, and excessive tax laws have been passed on every aspect of our cars maintenance and use. Laws control business and industries to the point that these same businesses and industries flee our state on a daily basis. And then new laws are passed to continue to burden the remaining businesses and industries left in our state.
We could save a great deal of money by eliminating our state legislature or just allowing them to meet every two years and have voters vote on the actual budget as presented. The need of this legislative body has long passed in our state and taxpayers need to realize that the excessive laws passed by the Connecticut State Legislature and its one party rule have helped to bring about the demise of Connecticut. Please flee while you can.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Work Creates Wealth

Yes, work creates wealth. And no, good old fashion government stimulus, pork barrel, deficit laden spending does not work. By working one can create wealth and this concept can take place of a tickle up effect that this current administration is trying to create through a massive level of governmental spending/debt and redistribution of wealth. The question that still has yet to be answered by multimillionaire politicians in Washington, is why is wealth bad? Why haven't in 60+ years of wealth redistribution by government at all levels hasn't all poverty been eliminated? What is so new about another great society program which penalizes those who work for a living to give to those who choose not to? What we have in 2009 is again the same tired arguments that capitalism is bad and only corrupt special interest government is good. And these same tired arguments are made by multimillionaires who have been able to create their wealth by their power in government. Just look at Chris Dodd and Barney Franks.
In economic terms, work creates wealth. Capitalism promotes wealth. The United States Congress and our current President does neither. And yes work does create wealth.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Name Is Swick-Spell It Right

It is not a tough name to spell S w i c k. Swick. We just moved to another house here in Wallingford and I have been floored by the number of misspellings made and the number of mailings sent to us selling us every service known to mankind. My wife uses her maiden name which further confuses the folks who actively sell these lists.
The winner take all in these botched mailing lists is Councilman Mike Brodinsky Democrat of Wallingford. Yesterday we received two form letters from him with my last name spelled Swicki and my wife's Bently (it should be Bentley). These variations on our names came from a second batch of mailings that we started receiving in late March (I have also gotten Sweck, Swiick and Swck). Mike's letter was interesting and his magnet with his name on it was cute. However since all of that went into the garbage I would have hoped that a prominent Democrat such as Brodinsky would realize who I was and not waste two stamps sending it out to my wife and I since we are both Republicans and I am on the Town Committee. To me it is just another example of how an elected Democrat works. Please try to remember my name is Swick next time you buy a mailing list.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Incredible Laws Passed

The Connecticut State Legislature never ceases to amaze me. Some of the laws that they passed in the session were incredible. Instead of worrying about a massive budget deficit that is only going to drive more people out of state, they are concerned with their own power and self glorification. The bill to eliminate the death penalty is a farce. We are now giving even more power to criminals and we are saying the hell with victims through this law. I am confident that Governor Rell will veto this bill. I am just curious what would happen if some liberal Democrat family member was murdered. Wouldn't they want to see justice? Nope they would prefer if taxpayers would just support the criminal for the rest of their life. That is the liberal view if I ever read one. I also like the laws to make it a crime if you idle your vehicle for more than three minutes. I had to laugh at that one also. Maybe some of Obama's free monies can go to Connecticut to hire engine idler state employees enforcers. This would create jobs for the state and create more political patronage. Let's also eliminate all plastic shopping bags. After these same bags apparently have caused all of the supposed environmental ruin we have in Connecticut. Maybe they can charge a $10 tax on these same plastic bag polluters.
I have just given voters just three more reasons to vote out of office in mass, the do nothing, liberal, out of touch with reality, Democratic State House and State Senate. What a debacle they have turned Connecticut into.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Ethics in the United States Congress?

What do you mean by ethics being found in our United States Congress? I personally can not see it. Brave Republicans along with 29 Democrats brought to vote a campaign finance inquiry that would have investigated several influential Democrats in particular Rep. John Murtha and his connections to the lobbying firm PMA. PMA was raided last year by the FBI with records being removed from the company. Murtha along with fellow Democrats, Rep. Jim Moran, and Rep. Peter Visclosky, were able to channel $137 million to defense contractors who were paying this lobbying firm, PMA to get them government contracts. I guess this was ethical. I guess there was little wrong with this gross violation of ethics. And why have an inquiry of the Democrats who did it? We as taxpayers realize that there are no laws which govern Congress. Just look at our poster child, Chris Dodd and his lack of values. We know if the Republicans had did this, the investigation would have commenced. Eight times the Republicans have brought up this measure and I hope next time it passes. Maybe if you have time write your Representative and ask what they afraid of by this investigation. Truth does hurt especially when you have no ethics.