Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Connecticut's Fiscal Mess

Connecticut is in a fiscal mess. In a state that spends over $18 billion dollars a year we are in a fiscal mess. Actually it is not we but the Governor and elected officials who have increased spending by billions of dollars are in a fiscal mess. My family and many others are not in a fiscal mess because we have chosen to live within our means. We have decided not to take out jumbo mortgages which we can not afford (although we have not been given a sweetheart mortgage like Chris Dodd). We have chosen not to spend more than we earn and run up excessive credit card debt like others. We have decided to be thrifty and frugal in many areas of our personal lives. Connecticut's government and legislature decided to spend wildly above their means using the state income tax as their greatest source of ever increasing revenue and new and higher taxes on just about everything to get us in this fiscal mess. This has all happened since Connecticut's dark ages of the Weicker administration, where tax and spend were the mantra of political life.
Thus we as a state are in a fiscal mess. A fiscal mess which was produced by our elected officials. Not by taxpayers. Maybe governmental officials could do the right thing now and give up their taxpayer financed salaries and taxpayer funded campaigns for reelection to save money. Maybe just maybe they should pay for their continuing fiscal irresponsibility - hit them in their pocketbooks like we taxpayers of Connecticut have been hit. Our well is now dry - taxpayers have no more to give to this fiscal mess in Connecticut which was not our making.

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