Monday, November 03, 2008

Will The Media Ever Be Balanced Again?

Will the media ever be balanced again? I do not know if that will occur in my lifetime. I was taught many years ago in my journalism classes that when you cover a story you need to present both sides so that readers can be informed and understand what you are writing about. Obviously that does not occur in journalism classes which are taught today. I truly do not know what is actually being taught today but in my opinion it is not unbiased reporting.
I no longer watch TV nor have have cable TV. I have $65 more a month to spend or invest each month due to my decision. If someone came up to me from the street and told me that they were a reporter from a TV station, I would not know them nor could I care about who they were, they do not impress me with their lack of productivity in our economy. I believe strongly that the way the media can become balanced is through an economic boycott of cable TV and its advertising sponsors. By a lack of economic support they would be forced to rethink their horrific coverage of this year's election and their demeaning and degrading of Sarah Palin. It was truly disgusting to read what has happened to this entire process. I can see why it is difficult to attract good honest people to run for elected office, since the media has crowned themselves as the new nobility in our society and only they are right and 300 million Americans are wrong. But for one last time it is just another reason why I am voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin tommorrow. And I urge you do also.

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