Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dodd Is Anxious, So Am I

Chris Dodd is anxious and so am I. Does this mean he is going to release all of his information about his sweetheart mortgage deals? No not at all. He is anxious to continue to deflect all knowledge of his mortgage deals and his defense of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. No he is anxious to confirm all of Mr. Obama's appointments to help stem the financial crisis he has helped to create. It is amazing given that Mr. Dodd usually never gave the time of day to any of President Bush's appointments. Today to help cover himself, Dodd will actually speed up the process. As a taxpayer I am still waiting to find out about his mortgage deal and I am not overly enthusiastic to several appointments being mentioned. In particular Larry Summers who I was unimpressed with during the Clinton term.
We as an economy must realize that we can not continue to allow for constant government stimulus packages in order for our economy to work. Government at all levels needs to cut spending and taxes in order for our economy to once again become stimulated and grow. Socialism will not work. Economic growth must come from the private sector not from government. But again Chris Dodd is anxious and I am anxious for him to leave office once and for all. He is a disgrace to the taxpayers of Connecticut.

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