Thursday, October 09, 2008

Should We Really Blame Him?

Obviously if you are Chris Dodd, the answer is no. If you are him you are making a great salary, have great benefits, have a sweetheart mortgage deal and can help cause one of the biggest financial meltdowns in your nation's history and then place blame on everyone else but yourself. What is better than that? However if you are like millions of Americans like myself, who work hard for a living, work 2+ jobs, pay your taxes on time, live within your means in a non sweetheart mortgage derived home, can only send your children to public schools, get no assistance from the government at any level and have just seen your 401K drop 30% in value over the year, you need not complain nor will your complaints be heard by the omnipotent US Congress. So let us only blame ourselves for voting these incompetent fools into Congress, although in my case I never voted for Dodd. Oh please Chris can you one day just come clean on your preferred mortgage? We know you do not care about us who live within our means and play by your false rules.

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