Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ethics and Leadership

What is ethics? What is morally right? Many years ago in non revisionist history, America fought a long war in Vietnam. This war was on the news every night (when you only had three stations with news not 500), in the daily paper and in the weekly news magazines. Liberals at that time thought it was cool to demean and deface our soldiers fighting there. They asked for them to surrender, join the enemy and other assorted misguided views. The war was mismanaged by a Democratic President who had great concerns about his legacy, he also had poor military advisers which helped lose the war for America.
In this time many United States soldiers died and many became POWs. One of the most noted POWs is very close to becoming our next President. He sacrificed six+ years of his life being tortured and gaining permanent physical disabilities from his capture. He endured six+ years that many of us would not have the ability to deal with. During this time he proved his mental toughness and proved his love for our country beyond a doubt.
Thus in a few days we will vote for a new President. Do we want a President who has an ethical and moral character, a man who stood by his fellow soldiers, a man who placed his country above his own well being physically? Or do we want a liberal Senator who has basically never worked a day in his life who is worried about his ego and self glorification? I know I don't and I know John McCain and Sarah Palin are what are country needs in leadership today. I know my vote goes to McCain - Palin.

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